Ahmet Dursun, who fled from Chinese persecution and took refuge in Turkey, said that the goal of Chinese government is to erase Muslims from history.

Communist Chinese Government is putting political pressure on Uighur Muslim and torturing them under the name of re-education and vocational education.

Fleeing from Chinese persecution and taking refuge in Turkey, Ahmet Dursun spoke to Ilkha News Agency.

"There is horrifying persecution in China"

Dursun said that he left East Turkestan in 2016 and lived in Egypt for a year and a half, adding that he had to come Turkey due to some practices of Egyptian administration.

Dursun said he entered Turkey on July 10, 2017 and settled in Mardin, and had not heard from his family since leaving East Turkistan

Stating that he entered Turkey on July 10, 2017 and settled in Mardin, Dursun said he had not heard from his family since leaving East Turkistan.

Dursun went on to say: "There is horrifying persecution in China in the terms of religion, national identity as well as humanity. The goal of Chinese government is to erase Uighur Muslims from history, that is, to eliminate Muslim population in East Turkestan. China wants to annex our territory. However, as long as we are in East Turkestan, they cannot do that easily. That is why they are doing all kinds of cruelty to destroy us. They do not believe in any religion. They do it without shame.

"Uighur Muslims is a part of the Ummah"

Stating that the persecution has continued in Eastern Turkestan since 1949, Dursun said that this persecution has increased in recent years.

Dursun called on Muslim country, saying: "Countries that regard themselves as the owner or members of Islam must react against Chinese persecution. They should see Uighur Muslims as a part of the Ummah. They should not remain silent in the face of this persecution.

"My father and brother are in prison, my mother and sister are in the camp"

Noting that he connected with his relatives in 2017, and came to know that his father and brother had been put in prison and then his mother and sister were taken to training camps, he said: "There is nobody in my family left out there, men in prison, women in camps. I do not know where they are, I cannot hear from them at all. I ask the world human rights community to inform us of the fate of my family as well as other Uighur Muslims. (ILKHA)

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