​The European Yetim Eli, an international help organization based in Mannheim, Germany, has continued its charity works in Africa, 7500 kilometers for away from Turkey, building a house for disabled orphans in Uganda.

​The European Yetim Eli (Orphan Help), which aids orphans and the needy across the World, is continuing its relief efforts in Uganda, distributing the food and clothes, building the mosques, houses as well as fresh water wells and carrying out the projects that aims to help the disabled.

In the village of Prunma in the Kalirov region of the country, aunt Nusra has 4 orphaned children who are trying to maintain their lives in a tiny makeshift shack. Aunt Nusra, who was unable to walk because she was disabled, also had no hearing.

Kasım, who lives in the same village, is a homeless. He is an orphan who depends on the helps of villagers.

European Yetim Eli has built two house with the support of the philanthropist Cektar Zerey in the village.

The houses will be given to Nusra and Kasım, the organization's officials said.

"We will also conduct his project in other regions"  

Deputy Chairman of the organization Hüseyin Ateş said: "We came Budama village several months ago. We heard that the mother and father of our brother Kasım had died and he had been sleeping outdoor. He sleeps on the grass, by the creek, under the trees. Even when he got up in the morning, flies and other animals were biting his disabled legs. We immediately started to build a house for him. With the support of Çektar Zerey, we, as European Yetim Eli, have built a house for him. He will not have to sleep outdoor anymore. We will also conduct this project in other regions. By the way, we thanks our benefactors. May Allah accept from them."  

Kasım also thanked the benefactors as well as European Yetim Eli and expressed his gratitude to them for their help.

Nusra, a widowed with 4 kids, also thanked the organization, adding that she always put her prayers out for benefactors. (ILKHA)

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