​The late Mehmet Yavuz, who had fought for his mission, his vision and his aim, was a true believer, a distinguished politician,and a caller to Islam.

Mehmet Yavuz, vice president of HUDA PAR, passed away on August 9, 2019 at the hospital where he was being treated.

Mehmet Yavuz's illness began years ago and his left kidney was taken in November 2017.

In the hospital where he was taken due to kidney disease, Mehmet Yavuz, who was diagnosed with cancer and underwent an intensive treatment process, underwent chemotherapy for a period of time, worrying that it could destroy the other kidney, was given a break from chemotherapy and continued herbal treatment.

Yavuz, who was discharged from hospital for a short time at the last Ramadan Eid and again was taken to the Faculty of Dicle University by aggravating his condition, continued to be treated with nutrients he received from the vein.

Born in 1973 in Kahta, district of Adıyaman, Yavuz completed his primary education at Kahta Atatürk Primary School and his secondary education and high school at Kahta Imam Hatip High School.

Later, he graduated from the Faculty of Education of Konya Selçuk University and became a teacher for a while.

Yavuz was imprisoned in the 2000s as a result of various conspiracies. Yavuz was held in prison for about 2 years, after released, became a teacher and then administered a private college in Şanlıurfa.

Yavuz, a columnist in Doğruhaber Newspaper, started his political carried with HUDA PAR.

Yavuz was also acting as deputy leader in HUDA PAR, became acting as deputy leader and party spokesman in the party.

Before his deaths, Yavuz, who was not allowed by doctors to be visited because of chemotherapy treatment, recorded a voice message when his loved ones wondered about his condition and asked him constantly.

"May Allah increase our patience. Do not make us like those who show impatience. Let us continue our worship, continue pure and clean love [ikhlas], continue to do good in an unrequited way, and continue to be patient against people's ungratefulness," Yavuz stated in his message.

Marrie with four children, one boy and three girls, Yavuz lost his life at the hospital where he was treated during the night hours on August 09, 2019. (ILKHA)

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