The process of moving Ayyubi Mosque, which weighing 4 thousand 600 tons, in the historical district of Hasankeyf has begun to the new location in Hasankeyf cultural Park area.

The process of moving historical Ayyubi Mosque, which was in Hasankeyf, the ancient city of Batman and weight 4,600 tons, to Archeopark in Hasankeyf Cultural Park area, began.

It was learned that the whole mosque will be carried in parts while the first part of the mosque, weighing 115 tons, was loaded into 48 wheeled SPMT [self-propelled modular transporter] trailer to be carried on Tuesday morning.

Historical monuments in the district are being moved to Hasankeyf Cultural Park area within the scope of the studies carried out to transfer history, environmental and cultural values to future generations.

The project, which was first applied last year in Turkiye, the historical Zeynel Bey Tomb was removed from the dam lake area and moved to its new location, to the new cultural park area of Hasankeyf. After the move of Zeynel Bey Tomb, the team carried Imam Abdullah Tomb, Artuklu Bath and the middle gate of Hasankeyf Castle to their new locations.

The dismantled of stones of 36-meters high minaret of Suleiman Khan mosque, which built in 1407, was completed while it is planned to be built according to its original version till the end of the year in Hasankeyf Cultural Park. The historical gate and fountain of the mosque will be carried as a whole.

The process of conservation and transportation AL-Rızk, Ayyubi and Koc mosques continue. In this context, while the exact construction date of the mosque is unknown but estimates that built at the end of 14th century or early of 15th century, the Ayyubi Mosque, which is the heaviest building among the works, was also started to be moved.

In Hasankeyf, the garden walls of the historical mosque will be carried by SPMT trailer in 6 parts. The main body of the mosque weighing 4 thousand 600 tons will be carried in two separate parts.

The door section weighing 115 tons from the garden walls was loaded into 48-wheeled SPMT trailer and the moving process started.

Transportation is expected to take approximately two weeks. (Mehmet Sait Çelik – ILKHA)

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