Speaking regarding the graduation ceremony at the Al-Zahra University, in Gaziantep, a southeastern province of Turkey, Rector Prof Mustafa Muslim stressed that the Ummah must have the science to escape persecution.

Founded by Prof Mustafa Muslim in Gaziantep in 2014 to meet the academic educational need of Syrian students in Turkey, Al-Zahra University graduates its first students last year and experiencing the joy of graduating students for the second time this year.

Some 30 students who were eligible for a diploma in the 2018-2019 academic year at Al-Zahra University in Gaziantep received their graduation certificates in a ceremony program.

Students' families, as well as scholars and rectors of universities in Islamic countries, attended the graduation ceremony that held at the Metropolitan Municipality Onat Kutlar City Theatre.

Speaking at the ceremony that began with the recitation of the Qur'an, Gaziantep provincial Mufti Ahmet Çelik said that the education, teaching, science, and knowledge of the Islamic religion had always been taken forward and that there was no excuse for learning and obtaining knowledge.

Expressing his satisfaction with participating in the program, Çelik touched on the importance of learning, teaching and scientific assemblies.

Çelik congratulated all the graduated students and said that one of the most important actions that human beings have done for him in the world is education and training.

Speaking at the program, Rector Prof Mustafa Muslim expressed his happiness for the second graduation ceremony of Al-Zahra University.

Muslim said that despite the hard times in Syria, where people pass through deaths, migration, and destruction, young girls and boys continued to cross a sea of knowledge and ingenuity.

"We know very well that tyrants do not want stability in this region," Muslim said.

Every time the fire of war in the region goes out, they start burning it again elsewhere. Because they do not want Muslims to form a social economic and military force in this region, or progress that would undermine the security of israel, its economy and its domination of the region.

We know very well that this shameful situation will only end and change with the hands of a believing generation. This generation will handle the problems of the Islamic Ummah, will know its responsibilities, will be built with the weapon of knowledge and ingenuity, will struggle to form the necessary environment in this situation, and will realize justice and right to eliminate corruption and subversion.

Speaking to ILKHA's correspondent about the graduated students, Muslim said: "They will spread this knowledge among their own communities. Hopefully, they will grasp and spread this knowledge.

If the Ummah, nation, and people want to get rid of persecution, they need to have science. Science is the weapon of all times. Therefore, we also give importance to the science of these students who have graduated. We want the gun of the century and the time to be in their hands. On this occasion, I hope they will serve their people and be instrumental in their progress." (ILKHA)

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