5 children detained by the Social Services Department on the allegation of educational measures in Erzin, district of Hatay. Mother Sümeyra Algül addressed the authorities in tears said she could not live a life apart from her children.

The drama of Ali and Sümeyra Algül couple, residing in Erzin, district of Hatay, a southern province of Turkiye, whose 5 children were confiscated by the Social Services Department with the claim of an education measure, continues.

The family, whose 5 children were taken by gendarme about 3 months ago, lives in hopes of reuniting their children.

"Our children are crying out there"

Mother Sümeyra Algül said she has been visiting her five children for months in detention centers along with her baby while she continues a suffering life apart from her children and in miserable.

I'm very happy when I see my children, but I'm very sad when I leave them. The last time I saw my kids, they cried, 'mother, take us home.' We no longer have the strength to endure. My children have no power to endure, nor do we. We are miserable.
Our children are crying out there. They are not as peaceful as they are with their parents, no matter how well they are cared for. My children are very weak and sick all the time. My kids wouldn't be so sick.
They took my kids on the pretext of school, but there are schools here. I can send my kids to schools here. There is no evidence of them taking my children apart from me.

"They to take my little baby when the baby is one-year-old"

Mother Algül said that her children were detained without any crimes. "I am like a wounded bird. They separated our children from us. My wings are broken, I live like that. I can't sleep."

Stating that they suddenly took her children away, the painful mother said she has just informed that they will also take her little children when the baby is one-year-old.

Is there any cruelty as much as this? I can't sleep at nights. I'm trying to stand on my feet. I'm trying to look strong when my kids see me. But inside, my heart is burning. I want my children back. I want them to give my children back to me as soon as possible.
Last time I met my children, we all felt faint. I can't stop my children crying when we meet.

"End this persecution as soon as possible"

As a mother, I want my children. Parents know better the feeling of separating a child from the mother. End this persecution as soon as possible. We can't stand anymore."

I'm waiting for my children with broken arms and wings.
I'm calling to the Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services, she is also a mother, give my children back for the sake of God, please hear us. I can't stand seeing empty beds of my children.

"We will do everything we can for the education of our children"

Father Ali Algül said whenever he sees his children they want to come home. "Stop this persecution now. We will do everything we can fo the education of our children. My children ask me all the time, 'Dad, when we go home?' They do not want to be there. They miss us so much and love us so much." (ILKHA)

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