HUDA PAR Erbil Representative Abdussamed Yalçın stated that they gained a great appreciation from the people of Kurdistan and political circles and added that they did not care about the slanders towards them while continuing their works.

HUDA PAR opened its first abroad representative office in Erbil [Hewlêr], the capital of the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government on May 1, 2019.

After the inauguration, some of the Kurdish political party representatives, scholars, opinion leaders, NGO representatives and some of the people have shown favor to HUDA PAR while some circles engaged in smear campaigns against HUDA PAR.

HUDA PAR Erbil Representative Abdussamed Yalçın, who evaluated the smear campaigns of these groups to ILKHA, stated that they have seen a great countenance from the Kurdish people and political circles and said that they did not care about the people who were slandering against them while they continue working.

Yalçın underlined that it was a very accurate decision to open a representative office in Kurdistan.

"Islamic geography is the geography that global imperialism wants to intervene the most"

Yalçın said that they made various visits because of their presence in Kurdistan and said, "The reason we are in Erbil is to come together with the political parties and non-governmental organizations, educational circles, the ulama community, and the public, to tell ourselves and to introduce ourselves."

The Islamic geography, where Turks, Kurds, Arabs, Persians, and other minority ethnicities live, is the geography that global imperialism wants to darken the most. We also have our views, projects, and promises about the Kurdistan and Kurdish issue, about the region, about human rights, rights, law, and Justice.

"HUDA PAR program is a transcript of the experiences of a struggle"

Yalçın expressed that HUDA PAR program is not actually a program consisting of fictitious thoughts. "HUDA PAR program is a transcript of a long-lasting struggle for decades and its experience."

"We say that we have projects to discuss and talk about this region that we consider very important. We have set the general framework for this in the program. Our weekly agenda assessments, written evaluations in different periods and our attitude and stance during the period of strategic political developments have revealed this and we have demonstrated the practice of this," he said.

"We have seen countenance in Kurdistan"

Saying that they want to introduce themselves in Kurdistan, Yalçın said they want their projects, opinions, solution proposals to be discussed and above all to be recognized.

In other words, we want those who are friendly, those who are oppositional, and those who do not like us politically to know us and to know we have a goal. Alhamdulillah, we have seen a good countenance in Kurdistan. Both the day we inaugurated our representative, and the day of the Eid, we witnessed the intense interest, the visits.

HUDA PAR's Erbil representative noted that they also have a dialogue with other political parties and different NGOs, academic circles, ulema, and the public.

"The extensions of global imperialism were uncomfortable with the favor shown to our representation"

Stating that the global imperialism, as in Turkey, has been working in the form of defamation, humiliation, and harassment on political circles and movements that offer serious solutions to human rights and justice, Yalçın underlined that they have noticed it same in Kurdistan.

"We see there are small voices coming out against them. The extensions of global imperialism here are so annoyed by our representation and the favor shown to HUDA PAR that they immediately appeared before the microphone of the media, used fake expressions, which are far from us," Yalçın said while added that they do not care about them and people in Kurdistan see and know all truth.

"We will strive to further improve dialogue with political circles"

Yalçın said that they would continue their work in Kurdistan without paying attention to the black propaganda.

"Our next work will continue within this framework. We will strive to improve dialogue with political circles. We will exchange ideas by developing relations with all political parties and their environment within a specific timetable. Beyond that, it is at the discretion of Allah." (ILKHA)

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