Jamaat Al-Islami official Al-Ghamri said the events in Egypt are a reflection of internal strife within the regime and called for the support on the values of the 25 January Revolution.

Egyptian people have been holding marches in several cities since last Friday, notably the capital Cairo, chanting anti-coupist Sisi slogans and calling for Sisi's resignation since contractor Mohammed Ali called the public to take streets with videos he has taken.

Egyptians took to the streets to protest the coupist Sisi in several cities, notably in Cairo, the capital of Egypt.

Thousands of protesters marched towards Tahrir Square in Cairo, protested the junta regime and its head, dictator Sisi, with his slogans, chanting "freedom, justice, go now Sisi, one people one army, no more Sisi!"

Hundreds of demonstrators have been detained by the junta regime so far as protests continue.

Egypt's Jamaat Al-Islami official, Islam Al-Ghamri, said that what happened in the country was a reflection of the internal strife that has taken place within the regime.

Al-Ghamri stated that what is happening in Egypt now is a popular movement that is the result of the regime's economic failures, the government's leadership with a coupist like Sisi, and the frustration caused by the new constitutional arrangements let the government rule the country until at least 2030.

Sisi has taken all areas of the government under his control. This made him a tyrannical Pharaoh in his rule of Egypt. This cause an unease atmosphere. This is happening in many areas, not just in the Egyptian people and bureaucracy. Military, police, judiciary, businessmen can be given as examples. Sisi intervenes in all of them. All of this has accumulated and caused a surprise social outburst last Friday when artist Muhammad Ali filmed a video and called on the public to take peaceful action.

Ghamri stated that they cannot see the people's movement ended up last Friday as same as the January 25 revolution while comparing both actions.

"Because what is happening in Egypt now is a reflection of the internal strife that has taken place within the regime. On the one hand, those who stand in favor of Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, try to rule the government on their own and are betrayed by selling the country, on the other hand, there are those want the independence of the country and have the love of country in their hearts and want to save the country from the situation it fell into," Ghamri noted.

"Egyptian civil society organizations cannot act in a comfortable way and they cannot make statements freely," he said, referring to the perspective of Egypt's communities, movements, and NGOs on the demonstrations.

Ghamri noted that political parties and Islamic movements and communities are experiencing the same situation, as a result of the repression and intimidation policies of the coup regime for 6 years.

"However, regime opponent organizations that are outside Egypt, people who are subject to different parties, different media platforms, and television channels, organizations that work on human rights, all these parties, institutions and personalities act with an understanding of Homeland consciousness," he underlined.

Although this time the popular movement will not give the results required by the January 25 revolution, Ghamri expressed that he thinks that this movement emerging from within the regime is a positive movement. "The country is in a collapse."

"Because now there is someone in the government who represents a greater danger of committing all this collapse, crimes," Ghamri said, adding that softening and relief can be experienced with a new change in governance, political and in many ways. "The door to freedom can be opened for prisoners. Spaces open up in the sense of freedom. This uprising is a very important step in this difficult process."

Assessing the lack of the usual harsh intervention of the security forces in the demonstrations, he said: "Those who follow the agenda, especially in recent times, who observe the difference of opinion between different wings and sections of the government, understand that Sisi's security forces have suffered a great deal of null."

Ghamri underlined that parties within the government do not want Sisi to stay especially after his failure and fiasco to manage the state and his moral disorders.

Sisi has committed corruption, even betrayals beyond that, in defiance of Egypt's dignity. Such issues as the abandonment of the islands of Tirana and Sanafir, the abandonment of natural gas fields in the Mediterranean for the sake of israel, the Nile River agreement with Ethiopia and the systematic destruction it carried out in the Sinai are examples.

"All of this required a new reality. The fact that a party that has power in the state, using its influence, has pushed this hard hand that is now enveloping the state to stop. We saw the reflection of that last Friday," Ghamri noted.

Stating that all of Egypt's movements, parties and communities have a clear attitude towards the coupist Sisi, Ghamri said: "When we look at all the depraved acts and massacres committed against civilians, our stance is clear from the beginning."

"It is obvious that we are in the process of turning away from this military coup and from the hostilities committed by politicians against civilians and the Egyptian constitution," he underlined.

"We know that peaceful mobilization and protest is a constitutionally guaranteed right. Even if the tyrant and the dictatorial regime does not recognize this right and enslaves those who take the squares, it is a constitutional right. We as a movement are on the same path as our people and we stand with their demands," Ghamri said.

"The possibility that by secret hands, Sisi's overthrow could give legitimacy to coup rule remains a distant possibility, Ghamri said and underlined that, "Because Abdul Fattah al-Sisi represents the zionists."

Ghamri described the protest as a patriotic movement against Sisi. "This movement does not accept betrayal, does not accept renunciation of the homeland, it aims to free the homeland from this dark trap."

On the contrary, we see the continued support of the secret focus, foreign powers, and zionists for Sisi and continue to make him legitimate. They also support Sisi in order to prevent those who oppose him and to overthrow him.

Stating that secret focus, foreign powers and zionists give Sisi an opportunity again and time for his government. "The support of the outer and hidden hands is not to overthrow Sisi, but rather to extend his rule." (ILKHA)

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