Mullah Muhammed Beşir Varol, a prominent Kurdish Islamic Scholars, has made an opening speech at the 6th Islamic Scholar Meeting that is being held by İTTİHADUL ULEMA (The Union of Islamic Scholars and Madrasahs).

At the beginning of his statement, Mullah Muhammed Beşir Varol wished the event would be auspices for Islamic World.

Congratulating the Taliban Movement for their victory in Afghanistan, Varol said “May Allah make their victory permanent. May Our Lord grant other Muslims victories like that.”

Varol condemned the Indian government for its brutal crimes in Kashmir, saying: “May Allah the Almighty save our Kashmiri brothers from Indian occupation as soon as possible and grant them victory against their enemies.”

“The dire situation of the Islamic Ummah is known by everybody. Everyone is waiting for a solid remedy. The real prescription for all troubles is the prescription written by Allah, the Lord of the worlds,” said Mullah Muhammed Beşir Varol.

“Whoever has acted according to this prescription in history has found the right way, got rid of the troubles he was caught. Therefore, we recommend this prescription, this truth to all nations and people. In our opinion, it is this truth and this recipe that has brought the Afghan nation to victory. May Allah grant all Muslims victories against their enemies,” Varol added.

6th Islamic Scholar Meeting is being held via video conference this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Many Islamic scholars from Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan have participated in the meeting.

The participants are discussing the problems of the Islamic world and the systematic efforts to spread atheism among the Kurdish people.

You can click on the link below to follow the program.

Zoom link:       

Youtube Link:                                    (ILKHA) 

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