of families wanting their child back rises to 17

The number of families staging a sit-in protest in front of the HDP Diyarbakır provincial presidency has risen to 17.

Missing child Yakup Edizer's mother Saliha Edizer, who joined the families involved in the sit-in protest, said her son went missing in 2015 at the HDP office in Kağıthane, Istanbul, and they have not heard from him since.

Missing Özkan Aydın's father Süleyman Aydın said he had joined the sit-in protest from Diyarbakır' Sur district, adding his son was 15 years old when he was kidnapped to the mountains.

"My son went missing at the HDP office in Kağıthane, Istanbul"

Saliha Edizel, the mother of the missing child, said they came from Istanbul to support the sit-in and take her child back from the hands of the HDP/PKK.

My son went missing in 2015. Like all mothers, I want my child back. I want my child from the HDP.

Noting that her son was in high school 2nd grade, grieving mother Saliha Edizel added that his son was stuck in Internet cafes for 15 days and one of his friends tricked him there and he went missing in HDP Kağıthane office. "His cousin saw my son enter the HDP office."

Süleyman Aydin, whose son Özkan Aydin was kidnapped 4 years ago by the PKK/HDP, said he struggled to get his son back but could not get a result.

Saying that as the family they were residing in Sur district of Diyarbakır, father Süleyman Aydın adding that "his friends came to me and said, 'they've taken your son,' I asked them where they had taken my son, and they said, 'they had taken him to the mountains'."

I went to the Police Department, filed a criminal complaint. I went to the children's department because my son was 15. The children's branch said, 'they probably took your son to Lice district, from there, they will take him to Kobane'.

Adding that he went to Lice district immediately after his kidnapped son and found PKK elements there asked for his son, father Süleyman Aydın noted that the PKK confirmed that they have his son.

I wanted my son back, I begged them to give him to me, I struggled, and they didn't give my son back despite all my efforts.

"Thousands of children smuggled to mountains in Sur district"

Stating that he has joined the sit-in protest for his kidnapped son, painful father Süleyman Aydın said: "Thousands of children have already been kidnapped in the Sur district, and no one can come to join the protest because of fear."

"Families should not be afraid to come here and look for their children. What's a 14-15-year-old doing on a mountain? Instead of dying every day, we die one day. My son has been kidnapped for 4 years and I will not leave without my son," father said.

Father Süleyman Aydın underlined that the organization had kidnapped more than 4,000 children to the mountains during the peace process.

"The eldest of them was my son at 15. They [HDP/PKK] even kidnapped the 10-year-old child.

An ambulance is waiting at the ready for the dialysis patient Ünzile Yanalak, the mother of police officer Sedat Yanalak, who was kidnapped on his way to Şanlıurfa, where he was appointed in 2015. (ILKHA)

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