A delegation of the "Initiative of Feb. 28 and FETO Judicial Victim's Families" visited detained families and said people who were victims due to their Islamic sensitivities should not be ignored.

The delegation, including Initiative spokesman Hüseyin Sabaz and members of Yusufi Association, which visited Maşallah Yıldız, mother of Cihan Yıldız who was sentenced 36 years imprisonment, called on authorities for the people victimized by FETO judicial to be included in the amnesty draft brought on the agenda by the MHP.

Muslims in Turkiye were targeted by FETO that it sees as a rival and have been subjected to various attacks and tortures by illegal organizations such as PKK and JITEM, and locked behind the bars due to false pieces of evidence and plots. The grief of those Muslims, which they call with the name of Yusufi, who demand justice, is still continuing.

The delegation visited the family of Cihan Yıldız who has been imprisoned for 11 years. Stating here, the delegation said victims of FETO judicial and their families should not be forgotten and should not be ignored.

"We are here as 'Initiative of Feb. 28 and FETO Judiciary Victim's Families'," said spokesman Sabaz. Expressing that the draft presented to the parliament is still unclear whether it is an amnesty or penalty reduction, Sabaz said, "Whatever it is, we demand families like you, who were victimized by FETO judiciary and Feb. 28, not be ignored and included in the draft."

Stating that the message to be conveyed to the government is clear, Sabaz said:

We want Yusufis, who is in prison because of their Islamic sensibilities, to benefit from this amnesty. We demand the authorities to hear our voice in this regard. We visit families on these a few days. Each has a different story. It is impossible not to be affected by their stories.

Maşallah, the mother of Cihan Yıldız who has been imprisoned for 11 years, said, "Why this punishment has been given to us when we have not opposed the state? I had a brain surgery still couldn’t see my son. We would accept (the punishment) if my son had committed a crime, but he had no crime. I demand from Mr. President to observe the right and the law of my son in the same way how he observes rights and law of others. I demand my son to benefit from the amnesty. I ask for the rights given to other people, also to be given to my son and his friends." (Emrah Deniz, Hamza Adiyaman - ILKHA)

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