The Baştuğ family, suffering the sadness of their children who were taken to Syria by the PKK at the age of 14, demanded that their children be returned to their homes as soon as possible, stating that all their days had passed in agony.

Families, whom children were taken by the PKK to Syria, have left alone in the drama and the traces they live. Thousands of children were taken by PKK's military camps then sent to Syria in the so-called "solution process" during the period of "de-conflict" between the State and the PKK.

While the situation of these children is not known today, many die in the US' controlled PKK/PYD's front lines.

The fate of Mahmut Bastuğ, who was taken to the mountain by manipulating the mind by the PKK militia at the age of 14 in Mardin's Midyat district in December of 2014, is also unknown.

Mahmut Baştuğ's family, who lives in Midyat and spoke to ILKHA, said that they suffer each day, that their sufferings are felt by nobody, and an ember burns where it falls. The family demanded their children be returned where many families are victims like them in the region.

"Mahmut was only 14 years old"

Aziz Bastug, the father of the Baştuğ family who hoped to get their children back said: "They gave a weapon to my child's hand which there should be a pen in his hand. My son was handed over to 'Bagok' by PKK militia in Midyat in December 2014. Then he was taken to Syria to participate in the PYD/YPG front lines. I found his picture 6 months later on the internet. My son is in the hands of YPG in Syria. I applied to everyone since the day he disappeared. I asked help from Mardin Human Rights Association, Ahmet Turk, HDP, and DBP. They told me that they are a political party and it is not their business to bring his son back. My son was kidnapped by the PKK for a consideration money in Midyat. We don’t even know if he is alive or dead."

"They sent the children of strong people back, but they did not send our children back"

Baştuğ said, "They have no such thing as a Kurdish right. My child has been deceived and was sold to PKK and then sent to YPG. Now we are looking at YPG and the USA are acting together. They have no such a case as Kurdish people. The aim of all is to cheat and disarm people. Messing the region and making it unmanned. They are crushing the poor. They sent the children of strong people back, but they did not send our children back. There is a family in Midyat who does this job. They had opened a market called 'Roj', but under it, they were tricking the young people with drugs and cigarettes and kidnapped them to PKK for money. Then, they closed their market. I appealed to the relevant prosecutor with a petition. I said, this family takes our kids away, I also said the police. They said we were going after them, but then they decided not to prosecute. They took my child away while I was hanging around like this. Then the family who kidnapped my child sent me messages saying, 'your child will not return because you went to the police and uncovered us.' They threatened me."

"Solution process turned into 'child abduction process'"

Baştuğ said that many children in the "conflict-free" process, initiated between the state and the PKK, were kidnapped by PKK to their military camps.

They say the solution process. We saw that this process turned to kidnapping process. Their concern is the Kurdish issue, as I said, their concern is to make these children fight on the fronts of the PKK, PYD, and YPG for the United States in Syria. I am a construction worker. They took my child they I grow up to that age in difficult circumstances.

"In the daytime, they were walking on human rights, and in the evening they were kidnapping"

Baştuğ, who stated that his son was abducted on the evening of 10th December, which was celebrated as "World Human Rights Day" in 2014, said, "Those who do this work in Midyat are the ones who are marching in the daytime but kidnapping children in the evening. Let me say that HDP-DBP are not the political party. They are the places where children are kidnapped. Those are the ones kidnapping children. They call them as regional parties but no, they are parties for kidnapping children." (Süleyman Tunç - ILKHA)

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