The grave of a Yezidi woman Seyro Duran from Mardin's Midyat was opened on the suspicious that a German male nurse killed her deliberately in 2015 by the drug injected her body and caused a heart attack.

The grave of Seyro Duran decided to be opened, who alleged to have been killed by an ex-male German nurse Niels Högel, who was charged with deliberately killing more than 100 patients by injecting drugs leading to a heart attack.

At least 134 graves were opened in 67 cemeteries in different countries for the determination of the victims killed by the male chief nurse Niels Högel in Germany, who was deliberately killed more than 100 patients by injecting drugs causing a heart attack.

It is revealed that there were 4 Turkish citizens so far among the victims of the German ex-nurse.

The bone fragments in the grave were collected after the procedure and put in a body bag. Samples taken from the grave were found to be sent to the Forensic Medicine Institute to determine the exact cause of Duran's death.

"In Germany, my mother was sick, we took her to a hospital like every other patient," said Kemal Duran, son of Seyro Duran.  

"Unfortunately, at a time when two or three hours later we were there, we were told that my mother died. There was nothing we could do at that time. We want the state to investigate this and let justice be done," he said. (Süleyman Tunç - ILKHA)

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