HUDA PAR President İshak Saglam made statements about the agreement reached between the United States and Turkey on Syria.

Evaluating the agreement reached between the united State and Turkey on Syria, HUDA PAR Chair İshak Saglam stressed that the Muslim Kurdish people should not be left at the mercy of imperialists.​ “Britain, France and other imperialist countries, especially the USA and Russia, are the main causes of the troubles of the Islamic Ummah,” he reminded, adding that,” The existing problems arise from the plans and programs of these powers. They show this with their rhetoric and practice without even needing to hide it. Not seeing all these things, putting your back on them is nothing more than self-deception. Neither is it for the benefit of Islam, Muslims, the Ummah nor its rulers."

The president of Huda PAR, who called on the leaders of Islamic countries, continued his statements with the following words:

“O rulers of the Islamic countries! You have done many wrong things until now. We accept the truth of each and every one of you, but we say your wrongs as they come, and we will continue to say.

 You should come together, sit down and talk about what is for the benefit of Islam and Muslims, that is, the Ummah, leaving aside the animosity, secret accounts and national interests between you from this day forward.

You should not refer the issues of Muslims to the imperialists who are enemies of Islam or engage in attitudes and behaviors that will form the basis for their intervention. Otherwise, both the Ummah and every part of the individual Ummah will suffer, our blood will continue to be shed, our lands will be occupied and our virtues will be violated.”

"Do not leave the Muslim Kurdish people at the mercy of the imperialists who are enemies of Islam!"

He continued his call to the leaders of Islamic countries, saying, "O rulers of Islamic countries!

You must solve the Kurdish issue by talking among yourselves and giving all the humane and Islamic rights of the Muslim Kurdish people. Do not leave the Muslim Kurdish people at the mercy of the imperialists who are enemies of Islam. If a solution is not developed within this framework, the USA, Russia, Britain and other imperialist countries will continue to scratch the problem, incite Muslims against each other, and watch cheerfully our bloodshed for the sake of their own interests." (ILKHA)

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