In his weekly statement on foreign agenda on Monday, HÜDA PAR Chairman İshak Sağlam made important observations on Islamic Army, the so called "Deal of Century" and the tension between Turkey and Syria regime.

Reminding that it was announced that the Joint Coordination Center of the "Islamic Army", which was founded by Saudi Arabia on December 14, 2015 and which includes 34 countries, would be established in Ramadan, Sağlam said: "In a process where sectarian conflicts and ideological hostilities prevail in Islamic world, before activating this army and strengthening the military alliance, Muslim countries should focus on securing a strong political unity, putting aside conflicts."

"After the normalization steps with the occupation regime, the countries leading the Islamic Army are now preparing to sign a Non-Aggression Agreement and to hold a summit similar to the Bahrain workshop," Sağlam said and added: "While the attacks of the occupation regime against the countries of the region are obvious, the steps taken by the components of the Islamic army to negotiate a non-aggression pact with the occupation regime are alarming."

Sağlam went on to say: "While the source of the instability in the region, that is, the occupation regime, is supported, the main target of military operations will be Muslim countries. For this reason, first, a summit involving all the countries of the region should be held by putting aside sectarian and ideological conflicts and then a military force aiming at the liberation of Jerusalem, which is the most basic and priority agenda of Muslims, should be put into operation."

The betrayal deal of the century        

Stating that the betrayal deal of the century, which was announced by the U.S. President Donald Trump, has not seen enough reaction from the Islamic world, Sağlam said:" The silence of Muslim public opinion and the ruling class against this so-called peace plan, which aims to de-identity and demilitarize Palestinians, leaving Jerusalem to the occupation regime and pacifying resistance groups, is alarming. The Islamic world, which has been separated by artificial agendas and whose agenda has been changed, has moved away from the Palestinian issue, which is the most important issue of Muslims. As a result, the normalization steps were taken with the occupation regime and the Palestinian people were left at the mercy of the occupation regime by the collaborationist countries of the region."

Sağlam said: "The most effective way to frustrate the betrayal plan is to not lose sensibility to The Palestinian issue. Accordingly, the normalization steps with the occupation regime must be stopped immediately and all commercial and political relations must be ended. The unique way to end the deepening instability, which serves the security of the occupation regime, is to take concrete and deterrent steps against it."

A war between Turkey and Syria would be a disaster for the region

About the ongoing tension between Turkey and Syria, Sağlam said: "Sochi agreement had appeared to be a hope for a political solution in Syria. The shelving of this agreement in recent weeks, the possibility of ongoing sporadic clashes between Turkey and regime forces turning into a total war, and the random bombing of Idlib by Russian and regime aircraft have raised great concern.  To target schools, hospitals and civilian people fleeing from the war is unacceptable. It is barbaric to force people to leave their homes by heavy bombardment in the coldest days of the winter. One-and-a-half-year-old girl named Iman Ahmet Leyla, who became a refugee with her family, froze to death with her eyes open. It tore our hearth out as well as all people of conscience."

He touched upon the humanitarian plight in Syria, saying: "The fact that one-and-a-half-year-old girl named Iman Ahmet Leyla, who became a refugee with her family and froze to death with her eyes open, has torn not only our the heart but all people of conscience. The United States, which wants to take advantage of the deterioration in the relations between Turkey and Syria, is trying to use Turkey again for its dirty ambitions."

Underlining that the U.S. and Russia have no permanent friends or enemies, only interests, Sağlam warned: "The 8-year Syrian civil war has revealed that the USA and Russia have turned the current situation in Syria into an option in line with their interests. Therefore, a war between Syria and Turkey would be a disaster for the region, only serving the interests of the U.S. and Russia."

"Turkish government should see those powers that want to make Turkey at war with the countries of the region and foil this sinister plan. We therefore call on all parties to abide by the agreement reached in Sochi and Astana and to push the political solution to the end," Sağlam concluded. (ILKHA)

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