People chanted anti-coup slogans against Sisi and the military junta in many cities in Egypt, showing their hope for a new revolution.

Egyptians took to the streets to protest coupist Sisi, who has been accused of corruption in Egypt.

During the Super Cup match between Egypt's two major teams, Al-Ahli and Zamalek on Friday fun chanted slogans against coupist Sisi.

Fans who came to watch the match at the Borg El Arab Stadium in Alexandria, Egypt's second-largest city, chanted slogans against Sisi and the military junta for two minutes in the 22nd minute of the match.

Supporters called on the public to take to the streets, chanted "the people want the regime to fall, Get off, we're going down the streets after the game, anger of Friday."

After the match ended, people gathered in the squares of several cities, mainly the capital Cairo and the second-largest city Alexandria, to protest the coupist Sisi.

Thousands of protesters marched in Tahrir Square in Cairo, Al-Agamy Square in Alexandria, Kawmeya Square in Sharqiyah, SAA'a Square in Dimyat and in the squares and streets of other cities, shouting "Freedom", "Justice", "Get Out Sisi", "Revolution begins again", "Second revolution", "Don't be afraid tell the traitor to go", "Enough is enough Sisi!"

Meanwhile, local sources said junta security forces had also taken heavy security measures in the village of Egypt's first elected president, Shaheed Mohamed Morsy.

Thousands of protesters marched to Tahrir Square, the gathering place of the people at the overthrow of Mubarak's regime in January 2011, chanting slogans against the Sisi administration and burning banners belonging to the regime.

As protesters took to the streets across the country, junta security forces intervened in public with tear gas and water cannons, detaining some protesters.

Egyptian writers, activists, actors, many civil society organizations and popular movements, including some officials close to the Muslim Brotherhood and Jamaat al-Islami, called on the people to come down the streets and stand against the junta regime.

While all these were happening the coupist Sisi was on his way to New York City, USA, to attend a U. N. meeting.

Following Sisi's arrival in New York, a pro-government group reportedly organized a show of support for Sisi, while another group in the same area took action to protest in front of the hotel where Sisi was staying.

Security forces also want Sisi's ouster

On the other hand, the fact that the junta security forces, who have used "disproportionate violence" in the slightest public uprising since the coup, intervened in Friday's protests with only gas and water cannons was regarded as bizarre by some Egyptian activists and commentators.

Commenting on the situation, activists said it was due to the coupist Sisi's recent strongman attitude towards military, intelligence and security units, and that some in the state wanted the junta Sisi to be overthrown.

Meanwhile, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said in a statement that Egyptian authorities should not restrict the freedom of peaceful demonstrations held by the people and called for the immediate release of those detained and to refrain from engaging in violence against the public.

During the coup, systematic detentions and brutal massacres against peaceful demonstrations took place in front of the whole world, HRW said, calling on the coup plotter Sisi to not repeat such practices.

Muhammad Ali, an Egyptian contractor living in Spain, posted some videos on social media two weeks ago, which was reciprocated by the Egyptian people.

Mohammed Ali, who is allegedly responsible for military investments, calls on the public to continue the demonstrations and says he will return to Egypt in the coming days. (ILKHA)

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