Orphan Hand reaches out to Yemen

Shortly after its establishment; the European Orphan Hand reached out to many parts of the world and now extended its helpful hand for the war-torn Yemenis victims.

Extending its helpful hand to the victims of the Yemen war, the European Orphan Hand [Avrupa Yetim Eli] has become a hopeful for the Yemeni people who needed emergency food.

The European Orphan Hand, which described as "Ikhlas [sincere commitment] bridge between philanthropists and victims," has helped hundreds of families in Yemen's war zones with its emergency food aid campaign.

Stating that they are only intermediaries for these aids, the aid organization noted that it is impossible for philanthropists to reach such distant and different regions individually.

"But as an international charity organization, we can reach to different parts of the world and lead good deeds to be written in the deed books of philanthropists from different languages and different parts of the world.

Underlining that they are open to all those who wish to receive pray for orphans and needy people in Yemen and other places, the charity organization is "ready to deliver all kinds of good to the victims, as long as the philanthropists authorize," them.

Saying that "Let's make hearts happy," officials of the charity organization emphasized that there are lots of hungry orphan children in many parts of the world are in a great expect with the approach of the month of Ramadan. (ILKHA)

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