Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS) has urged Fatah and the Palestinian Authority (PA) in Ramallah to prepare the atmosphere for the coming Palestinian elections and halt all forms of persecution against its members in the West Bank.

In a press release, Hamas called on Fatah and the PA to release all the political detainees from West Bank jails and lift the ban imposed by their leadership and government on media outlets, including Palestine newspaper and al-Aqsa satellite channel.

The Movement also called for revoking a presidential decree issued in 2007 designating the factions’ resistance wings as unlawful militias.

“It is high time to turn the page of the past once and for all and move forward towards a true Palestinian partnership capable of rebuilding the Palestinian political system on sound foundations,” Hamas underlined.

In a related context, Hamas has applauded the interior ministry in Gaza for releasing 45 security detainees accused or convicted of committing serious violations that directly harmed the Palestinian resistance.

It said that such step reflected “the keenness of the Movement and the government apparatuses in Gaza on creating more positive climates in light of the preparations for the elections.” (ILKHA)

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