Speaking about the situation in Kashmir, President of the Union of Political Parties of Azad Kashmir Abdurrashid Turabi said, "India wants to implement the same projects in Kashmir as the Zionist Israeli has implemented in Palestine.”

The Kashmir problem, which began with Pakistan's secession from India in 1947, has been going on for 72 years. The wars with India caused hundreds of thousands of lives to be lost.

İndia, which has been applying the same strategies and atrocities committed by the zionist terror group on Palestine, has brought Kashmir to the brink of a new war with its incitement from time to time.

Although those who live in the region, where 85 percent of the population is Muslim, want to act with Pakistan, India doesn’t accept that because of strategic position and underground resources of Kashmir.

Abdurrashid Turabi, President of the Union of political parties of Azad Kashmir and leader of the Kashmiri Jamaat-i Islami, made important assessments to the İLKHA news agency reporter about the recent situation in Kashmir and the activities of Jamaat Islami and the projects that India wants to implement on Kashmir.

He stated that India and the Zionist terror gang were strategic partners, adding that India is trying to implement the same projects in Kashmir as zionist israeli has implemented in Palestine.

"India has always wanted to realize the situation that Kashmir is in now and massacred hundreds of thousands of people within a few weeks in 1947. Approximately 2 million 500 thousand people were displaced and caused to go to Pakistan. Their goal is to rid Kashmir of Muslims,” he noted.

“Their main goal is to change the demographics of Kashmir”

Recalling that there was Autonomy in Jammu and Kashmir in India before 1947, Turabi said, “Then according to the law, someone who was not Kashmiri could not buy a place from Kashmir. But it could only go for trade and sightseeing purposes. Now those items have been removed. Thus, the door was opened for people from all parts of India to come and settle in Kashmir. Their main goal here is to change the demographic structure of the region.”

Stating that Pakistan is constantly giving support and hope to its Kashmiri brothers and India wants to punish them, Turabi warned that right now, a war was likely to break out at any moment because India wanted to break the Resistance of Kashmiri with various pressures, to frustrate their hopes. (ILKHA)

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