Following the Zeynel Bey Mausoleum and Artuklu Bath in Batman's Hasankeyf, work to move other historical monuments such as Imam Abdullah Zawiya and minarets are being carried on.

Zeynel Bey Mausoleum and Artuklu Bath were moved to the new place within the scope of the works designed to protect the works that will be inundated due to the Ilisu Dam in the historical Hasankeyf district. In this context, preparations for moving such as Imam Abdullah Zawiya, Sultan Süleyman Complex Minaret, and Door of the Castle are continuing.

After the completion of the relocation of Imam Abdullah Zawiya, the Sultan Süleyman Complex Minaret, built in the Ayyubid Period [1407], will be moved. Minaret moving will be done by cutting stones.

Sultan Suleyman Complex Minaret built by Eyyubi Sultan Suleiman 611 years ago, has the grave of Sultan Süleyman who died in 1432, Ayyubi and Artuklu sultans, and viziers in the domed room on the eastern end of the minaret. It was learned that the destroyed dome and tombs would be under the dam reservoir.

After the move of Sultan Süleyman Complex Minaret, the Castle Gate, Er-Rızk Mosque Minaret, and other works will be moved.

Castle Gate

The castle entrance gate, known as the 'Lion Gate', built by the Byzantines in 363 AD, was destroyed in 1986 due to a falling mass rock. Moving works of Castle Gate have been started and it is planned to move in 2 stages. It is stated that the Er-Rızk Mosque, which is about 500 meters away from the Castle Gate, will be moved to Minaret and then both will be moved together to their new location.

"Please stop carrying in this way"

Hasankeyf Cultural Association President Ahmet Akdeniz reacts to the fact that historical minarets will be moved by cutting stone by stone and said that moving the minarets in this way will destroy its originality.

All works in Hasankeyf are planned to be moved until the end of the year

After the move of Imam Abdullah Zawiya, Sultan Süleyman Complex Minaret, Castle Gate and Er-Rızk Mosque Minaret, to their new location, Sultan Suleyman Complex's 2 gates, Ayyubids (Kızlar) Mosque and Koç Mosque are all planned to be moved to the end of the year. (ILKHA)

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