Stating that the imperialist countries, especially the US should not be trusted, Prof. Mustafa Muslim expressed that "They never keep their words, because they always think only of their own interests."

Pointing out that those who trusted the imperialist forces, especially the US, have always lost, Prof. Mustafa Muslim said the policies of the USA, Western states are the policy of advancement of their own interests, and therefore the Kurds should not rely on the imperialist powers.

Stating that the Kurds have been oppressed ever since, Muslim emphasized that the friends of Muslims are Muslims regardless of their nation doesn't matter if they are Kurds, Turks or Arabs.

"Begging for help from the communists and the imperialists is to harm our own people. The Kurds should know that they should take lessons from them and never trust their enemies and enemies of Islam," he said.

Muslim underlined that the armed PYD taking control in some parts of Syria with the support of the US and Syrian regime does not mean the support of unarmed and unprotected people while people remain silent against the PYD.

Muslim noted that it is wrong to say the PYD is the representative of all Kurds in Syria.

Noting that imperialist countries are exploiting the Islamic geography, Muslim said: "They had a few goals in the world of Islam. America did not have much influence in the First World War, Britain and France played the greatest role. And then it turns out they had three goals."

Muslim said the first goal of imperialist forces is to make way for the Jews to enter Palestine.

After the war in 1917, Britain's foreign minister promised Jews that they would establish a country in Palestine, but they said it was possible with the collapse of the Ottoman state. "Thus, they collapsed the Ottoman Empire and allowed Jews to settle in Palestine."

Saying that the second goal of imperialist forces was to tear apart the Ottoman Empire, Muslim noted that they have formed borders and gave Iran and Iraq to Britain.

"They gave Egypt and Jordan to Britain. They gave Lebanon, Syria, and Algeria to France. They gave Libya to Italy. They split them all and left nothing," he said.

"The second goal was to dismantle the Ottoman Empire and leave no political or military power, that is, no power in the Islamic world," Muslim said.

Noting that the third goal was to get the oil resources they discovered, Muslims said the Arabs did not know what this is and how to educt it. "Britain shared this with France and these three goals were fulfilled in the First World War," Muslim added.

"They set out to sell their own weapons"

After World War II, the United States has become the first power in the world, indicating Muslim. "After the establishment of Israel, the United States has set itself three new goals. Their purpose was to establish a Jewish state, Israel."

Stating that the US dedicated itself to provide Israel's security in the region, Muslim added that the second goal of the US was to prevent a new Islamic power around Israel.

If an Islamic State is established around and near Israel, it would be a danger to Israel. Therefore, they said 'no Islamic party will be allowed to form a government'.

"Thirdly, a large stake in oil and other resources is supposed to belong to the United States," said Muslim. Underlining that the US has reached all its three goals, Muslim said America wants it to go on like this.

So they cause conflicts in the region. They causing fights among Arabs so they sell their weapons.

"They stopped England from producing weapons years ago. Unemployment increased, so they waged the Iran-Iraq War. At least, they set out to sell their own weapons," Muslim said.

"They don't want DEASH to end."

"After US relations with Crown Prince Muhammad bin Selman and the appearance of atrocities in Saudi Arabia, Selman became a servant of them. Trump, a merchant, used him to gain his own personal gain," Muslim noted.

Stating the promises of the US given to the Kurds are all lies, Muslim underlined that the US couldn’t find another regional army like Kurds who are brave, devoted, and powerful.

None of the Arab armies, neither the Iraqi army nor the Syrian army nor the Jordanian army, can hit DEASH like Kurds. The US made various promises to the Kurds, armed them and attacked DEASH. They clean DEASH out of Rakka, Kobane, Deyrizor, and Manbij. They say they've finished DEASH. They don't want DEASH to end.

"The politics of America and the great states is the policy of advancement of their interests"

Recalling that Kurds had allied with England in history, Muslim expressed that England backstabbed Kurds by making an alliance with Iran during the time of Mustafa Barzani.

Qazi Muhammad founded the Republic of Mahabad with Russia. Qazi Mohammad and his ministers were handed over to the Shah of Iran for their interests, and they were executed.
A few months ago, the United States said to Masoud Barzani, 'make a referendum and we are with you'. The US stood aside after the pressure of Iran, Iraq, and Turkiye, left him alone. Masoud Barzani held a referendum, but the United States has withdrawn. So they took the Iraqi Kurds back for 50 years.

Indicating that Kurds do not get a lesson from the history, Muslim underlined that they [the West] want Kurds, Turks and Arabs fight each other. "Kurds never have to trust those great States."

"The Kurds should know that they should take lessons from these and never trust their enemies and enemies of Islam. We can never trust their words, and we can't rely on them. As we always say, the politics of America and the great states is the policy of advancement of their own interests. Whoever believes in them is being deceived." (İbrahim Koçyiğit - ILKHA)

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