World famous Hamza Andreas Tzortzis the inviter of Islam, pointed out that all of a Muslim's life must be nested with the invitation.

Hamza Andreas Tzortzis, world famous inviter of Islam. His name known with works of inviting to Islam. Although he is a new reverted, he has travelled through many countries to invite people to Islam.

Why did you start dawah calling from Turkiye?

We’re here in Turkey, because we choose Turkey as the central place for the biggest even happening in the history of Dawah. We’ve got this amazing campaign Called World Dawah Mission” and we’ve inspired over one hundred and 60 countries teams and over a hundred and 60 countries to come together on the tentative or guest to call people to “La ilahe illallah.”

What was the reason made you chose Islam?

It s simple, Islam is the religion of fitra, is religion of nature, it makes sense, it’s intelligence, agrees with the mind, it satisfies the heart, if the people ready study Islam, it’s intellectual foundation, it’s a rational foundation, it’s prudent foundation, they would know that their lives all about “La ilahe illallah” Their life’s about to worshiping Allah suphane we teala.

What is Dawah in your opinion?

Dawah is calling people to Allah. Allah says to call to the “Sebil” to the way of Allah suphane we teala. What is this way? It’s to worship Allah. To know him. To Love him. To obey him. And to single all acts of worship to Allah alone. This essentially is what dawah is. And the way we give dawah, we have to give it with “aphorism”, wisdom, with “goodness”, excellence and with “mercy” with mercy. And the effect of “Dawah” on the “Duat” the person who they give “Dawah” is tremendous. Because increases the “faith” it gives lots of rewards, it gets some closer to Allah suphane we teala. As Hasan Basri I believe he said that the people who Called to Allah, these people are the Friends of  Allah suphane we teala.

What need to be in consideration in Dawah?

Okay, we must focus on the Fundamentals when we give “Dawah”. We don’t have to answer all the questions. Islam is very beautiful, very simple and it makes sense. Bring people to call message. The message of “the compassionate”. The message of “peace”. The message of “pray”. So, when you talk to someone, tell them about this, “Why they exist? “, “Why are they here?” “Is life just a game?” create a conversation, with “mercy”, with mercy, with excellence, with good “manners” and “convenance”. With good character, and once you do that, you just call them to the foundations which is all your questions will be answered if you understand the concept of Islam. The concept of Islam is very simple. We believe in Allah as the creator of the universe and the sustainer of universe, we believe he is one, we believe he is unique, we believe that the Quran is the word of Allah suphane we teala. We have lots of evidence for this. We believe the prophet 'Peace be Upon Him' is the final Messenger, we have so much evidence as well. And once you understand all of these to be true, then whatever comes from true is true. Whatever comes from “Allah” is “true”.

So, is there a point for the inviter of Islam to say 'that's enough, I can now quit invitation'?

Absolutely, no. If you on the path of “Dawah”, you should maintain to be on the path of “Dawah”. Yes, sometimes we have higher  and lowers but our intention any is to please Allah suphane we teala and “Dawah” is “praying”, it’s like worshiping Allah suphane we teala. A Muslim's life should always be about “Dawah”. Because it defines who they are. The prophet 'PBUH' said love for human love for humanity and love for yourself. So if you love Islam, you love Allah, you love Muhammad 'PBUH', then give that love to the other people. He also said, you want to truly believe you love for your brother what you love for yourself. This brotherhood means humanity. İmam-ı Hanbel his compendium of wisdom and knowledge, he said this means human beings. So when we study the words of the prophet PBUH, we understand that he is saying you won’t truly believe unless you give the thing that you love the most to others. If we love Allah, we love the Messenger, we have to give it to others. How can you give it to others? By giving “Dawah”. So we always mind of ourselves giving “Dawah” defines who we are, then Allah willing we always be on the path.

What is your advice for young Muslims?

My advices gave owed. This is something that gives you life, it gives you happiness, increases your rewards, it brings you closer to Allah, it’s also fun as well. And it’s an amazing experience and fundamentally it’s one of the greatest ways of worshiping Allah. And it’s also cool. You know you’re defending Islam, you’re presenting Islam, you’re articulating Islam, you know sometimes what are to defending football clubs. You know? Galatasaray, Beşiktaş, Fener. You know we become fanatics, wear the t-shirts, we say “this is the best team” but who is the better team than other teams in the world? Allah. We defend him, and his religion. Right? He doesn’t need defending, he doesn’t need defending, but we do it because of worship of “praying”. Out of the fact that we love him and we want to know him and we want to obey him and get closer to him. So you know we always want to defend the teams, and the football teams and talk about them all the time, but isn’t Allah and his Messenger much better than them? We call them to this things then better.

Could you tell an important memory of your dawah life?

“Dawah” gives you amazing experiences. I have been doing “Dawah” over a decade now and I have so much many amazing experiences to share with you. But some of the greatest what I spoke to people one to one, with “Mercy”, with good “convenance”, with good “good manners” and I wanted to show them that they ar ready love Allah. And they want to love Allah more. And they want to embrace Allah’s mercy. And once they realize that they would be crying, and I’d be saying to them “why you stopping this?” “why do you close the door of Allah’s mercy?” “You have the key.” “Just say ‘la ilahe illallah’ I want people accept this ” they feel this amazing mercy and love from Allah. Those experiences I think when you see the tears and you see people’s face change and the hearts change, this you cannot even Express in words, you know.

Who is Hamza Tzortzis?

Greeks origin, British citizen, Hamza A. Tzortzis was born in 1980 in London. Graduated from Westminster University, psychology department, still continuing his postgraduate study on West and Islam philosophy. He reverted to Islam in 2002 and busy with advice activities in IERA (Islamic Education and Research Academy)  (ILKHA)

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