Those who forget people in dungeons and cover themselves in dead silence must know that the silent screams of Yusufis [Islamic Prisoners], which shout the oppression and innocence of those prisoners, have shaken the ninth heaven.

The pen ink is running out, which writes about the persecution exposed of Islamic-identity people who become the targets of organizations such as PKK in addition to illegal structures within the state or parallel to the state, such as JITEM and FETO!

However, the atrocities that have been inflicted are still not seen or not wanted to be seen…

The victims, who have been incarcerated by February 28 and FETO organization with conspiracies, plots, and various complots, are living out in the dungeons, which is described as "living tomb". The public is waiting hopefully when the victimization will end, which has turned into a burning fire in the hearts of conscience.

The curse [suffer] of innocents and oppressed who spent a quarter century in prison will surely take effect one day and call the perpetrators to account for.

Of course, everyone will reap what they planted, and there will be a corresponding for those oppressed who are spending a lifetime between the four walls. Those who cause cruelty and remain silent will be prosecuted in the history pages, as they are condemned in consciences.

So, who are these people named Yusufis and why have they exposed to this cruelty?

Some were shot out by bullets, some were tortured, some were imprisoned in dungeons… They did not seize the property of the people, they did not block roads, they did not burn the village of the people, and they did not kill innocent people, infants, children, and women. However, they were the targets of those who were performing those evil actions.

Because the identity, character, lifestyle, and beliefs they had, were the color of Islam. Their Islamic lives, services, and efforts irritated the powers who set up hegemony on the people and work for subversion.

Especially in a process in which everyone made all their calculations on the Kurdish people, these personalities, who worked for the return of the people to the essence, were visible and seen as obstacles to be eliminated.

Yes, members of the Islamic community, who were subjected to attacks during the dark period of the 1990s, were either martyred by planned assassinations in dark rooms or subjected to police and judicial terror of illegal acts within the state, tortured and jailed. (ILKHA)

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