Hope Caravan Foundation has launched a humanitarian aid campaign for Afghan people who live in poverty.

According to United Nations, acute food insecurity is affecting millions of people in Afghanistan who are without reliable access to water, food, and basic health and nutrition services, following years of conflict and the economic crisis

Hope Caravan Foundation launched a humanitarian aid campaign named “Afghanistan Awaits Emergency Aid” to reach out to more than 14 million Afghan people who face hunger.

Hope Caravan calls for immediate response to growing humanitarian needs in Afghanistan

Cengiz Kurtaran

Speaking to Ilke News Agency, Cengiz Kurtaran, the head of Hope Caravan Foundation, called on philanthropists to support the people of Afghanistan who are in need of food, clothing, fuel, and many other materials.

“As the Hope Caravan Foundation, we have taken on the task of being a bridge between rich and poor, acting with the mission of delivering humanitarian aid to those who are persecuted or otherwise in need, regardless of their religion, language, race, or sect,” Kurtaran underlined.

“We do not remain indifferent to the problems experienced both in our own country and in many countries in the Islamic geography. Wherever there is a problem, if there are people in need of help, we are trying to deliver the necessary help with the support of benefactors,” Kurtaran said.

The philanthropists who want to support the campaign can make donations at www.umutkervani.org.tr, and get information about the campaign by phoning 0212 562 34 72- 0543 870 81 32. (ILKHA)

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