PKK/YPG does not give life to any Kurdish structure except itself in Syria, Muslim Mohammed, an ENKS official, said.

​"PKK/YPG does not give life to any Kurdish structure except itself in Syria," Muslim Mohammed, an ENKS official, said, adding that, "Local people should be involved in the management of the places seized by Turkey."

Speaking to İLKHA, Muslim Mohammed, a member of the Politburo of the Syrian Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDKS) and a member of the Board of the Syrian Kurdish National Council (ENKS), made important statements about Turkey's campaign against the PKK/YPG.

Muslim Mohammed warned Turkey not to leave the SNA troops uncontrolled, saying local people should be involved in the management of areas seized by Turkey in northern Syria.

Referring to the agreement between Turkey and the United States for the withdrawal of the PKK/YPG, Muslim stressed that America must follow the course of this agreement.

He said the situation in the region would become clearer after a meeting between Muslim President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian leader Putin, reminding Kobani and Munbic that Russian and regime troops had entered.

Muslim said: " Turkey's operation is the first step in Turkey's negotiations with America and Russia then the continuation of the first step will come."

Noting that they are in favor of solving the problems at the table, Muslim said that no problem, no problem could be solved by war, killing, and migration.

Müslim said: "What is the right thing? It is to be in contact with each other, to sit at the table and negotiate for the solution of the problems. At the end of each War, a process of negotiation and dialogue begins. This war will serve and benefit no one, neither the Syrian people nor the Kurdish people. In addition, this war will not benefit Turkey and other neighboring countries."

"The demographics of the region should not be tampered with"

Muslim said that Arab, Circassian, Turkmen, Armenian and Kurds lived together east of the Euphrates, but that the region was Syrian Kurdistan, including Afrin.

Reminding that the number of Syrian people who will be placed in the safe zone is expressed in the millions, he warned not to be tampered with the demographics of the region. Muslim said: "If this plan is carried out, it will cause a bad situation and create some problems with it. If three million people are placed in this region, it will cause the demographics of the region to change since the total number of people living in this region does not reach 3 million. As ENKS, we are not satisfied with the situation that will occur. The people who migrated from these regions, that is, from northern Syria, should return to their home countries. The people of Kobanê, Gire Spi, Serê Kaniyê, Amudê, Qamişlo should return to their home country. Especially the people who live in Turkey and come from these regions should return to their homes. This is a fact we're talking about. The people of Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor also have the right to return to their own land and should return. We think everyone, who had to emigrate for certain reasons, should go back to their hometown, where they lived before. If everyone returns to their home country then there will be no turmoil, no problems and the situation will be better. ENKS form part of the opposition. In our view, changing the demographic structure in these regions is unthinkable and should not be done. Everyone knows the explanations we've made before. ENKS also has representatives within the Syrian opposition and also in Istanbul. They are in constant contact and communicate their thoughts to each other."

"The local people of the region should take part in the local government to be established"

Underlining the need for local people to take part in new administrations in Turkey-controlled areas, Muslim said: "The city of Kobani, where ISIS has entered before, has been plundered and destroyed. The people living in Kobani became refugees and dispersed around the world. That's why we want this kind of situation to never happen again. We don't want people to become refugees again. We don't want people to become refugees again. If people become migrants and refugees, their places will be empty, their living quarters will be abandoned. If this happens, once again, others will come and settle in their homes. I am calling on everybody from here once again; everyone who is a civilian should stay at home, stay in their village so that there will be no evacuations, no changes. A local government will be established in the region; it will be very good to have local people of the region involved in the local government that will be established. As we said, the people living there should take part in the administration in the local government that will be established. It is unthinkable for a foreign person who is not from that region to preside."

"The fate of the young people armed by the PKK/YPG is unclear"

Stating their opposition to the arming of young people by the PKK/YPG and forced them to fight, he pointed out the situation of Under-18s who were taken under arms. Muslim said:" What I want to talk about at this point is the conscription issue. In the region, they subject young people aged 18 or even younger than 18 to the practice of conscription. We, ENKS, expressed our thoughts against conscription and said that conscription is not a good thing, it is wrong and it has to be returned from this mistake. We do not know what the fate of those under the age of 18 and 18 under the name of conscription will be. We work more in the political field, because we are not in the military field, we do not know their fate."

"Turkey must prevent damage to the public"

Reminding that there had been atrocities against people in Afrin, which caused fear among the Kurdish people, he warned that the same mistakes should not be repeated in new settlements taken under control. Muslim stated that the atrocities made against the people were carried out by some of the Syrian National Army (SNA) soldiers, and said that the SNA soldiers should be controlled by Turkey. Muslim said:" A Kurdish proverb says 'once burnt twice shy'. As you know, the situation in Afrin has been really bad. According to some information, many of the people of Afrin were tortured.
Therefore, the people east of the Euphrates will be afraid of this. Because they have witnessed or heard what happened in Afrin. Because it's a painful experience. Those who were previously in Afrin are those who are now in the region. Some of the groups fighting alongside Turkey have changed their names, and some have even taken to the field without changing at all. I just want to say that they're persecuting people around here. Now, for example, there are incidents of theft in Serê Kaniye, not only to the Kurds but also to the Arabs. Already Kurds in Girêspi (Tel Abyad) and other areas have fled out of fear of being killed. They were forced to leave the area because of the soldiers who came to the area. At this point, the Turkish state should control the situation, thus preventing bad things from happening. Because the so-called Syrian National Army entering the region is persecuting and harming the people of the region. Our wish is that Turkey will control the soldiers who make up the Syrian National Army in the region. Because it is those soldiers who steal, harm the people, kill the civilian. They need to be kept under control. If they are not brought under control, they will do bad things and not only them, the Turkish state will also be implicated. Turkey would be blamed for their actions because Turkey acted with them. Therefore, Turkey must control them and prevent them from harming the civilian.

"The PKK/YPG mentality is based on not accepting anyone but themselves "

Underlining that the mentality of the PKK/YPG is based on not accepting anyone but themselves, Muslim continued: " As ENKS, we have made 3 deals with them in 8 years. Despite these agreements, they burned down our offices, detained our members, our friends, and threw them into dungeons, and killed them. The YPG has interfered with our activities with weapons. He killed our people. In short, the existence of formations in the region that do not embrace their politics and ideas is unacceptable to them. These atrocities are still ongoing at the moment. Our friends and party members have been detained by them. These atrocities are still ongoing at the moment.

" PKK / YPG handed over Kurdish dissidents to regime"

Stressing that the PKK/YPG does not give the right to life to dissident Kurds, and that captured ENKS members were handed over to the regime, Muslim said: " For example, there was a war in Afrin. Turkey entered Efrin. We had a friend, his name was Abdurrahman Apo and he was a member of the Central Committee. When Turkey entered Afrin, the YPG did not release him, they brought him along to Aleppo, Damascus and Qamishlo, and then handed him over to the regime. After 3-4 months, they released him. And now we still have friends in jail.

"All foreign powers should get out of Syria"

Stating that all foreign forces in Syria should leave Syria, he explained ENKS ' views on the issue as follows: "As ENKS, our view of the current war has always been that we do not want Hezbollah and Iran, neither Russia nor America, nor Turkey to enter Syria, to be involved in the events that are taking place. There was a process of revolution in Syria, this revolution was happening between the people and the regime. But over time, the course of the revolution changed, and international powers entered Syria for their own benefit. No state that entered Syria considered the interest of the Syrian people and did not act accordingly. He only entered Syria for his own benefit and settled there. America, Russia and others came for their own benefit. Each state has a relationship with another state for its own benefit. The Arab League has made its position clear for the current situation in Syria and said that Syria has its own borders, it is unthinkable to violate these borders. The Arab League should have shown its reaction to Hezbollah, Russia and Iran, and it should have said that this country has a border and this country belongs to the Syrian people. But I think the attitude of the Arabs is futile and it is of no use. Because the Syrian issue is under the control of America, Russia, Turkey and Iran. In short, international powers dominate this issue. Therefore, the reaction of the Arab League is useless and will have no effect."

"They caused the death of thousands of Kurdish youth"

 Muslim went on: "Thousands of Kurdish youths were taken to their deaths in Raqqa, Deirrezzor, Münbic, and so many places were captured. The YPG had to ask him the following question in the process 'What's going to happen next, what kind of gains are we going to have? Are we going to run the region is someone else?' They were not mentioned in the agreement. As we said, there was a military agreement between the YPG and the United States. This deal was not a political deal. The deal was a deal against ISIS, and when the fight against ISIS was over, America turned its back on the YPG.

"The regime wanted to give this area to ENKS before the PKK/YPG"

Muslim stated that the regime wanted to cooperate with them by giving them control of this region after the beginning of the revolution process, and gave the following information about the PKK/YPG's cooperation with the regime: " The revolution in Syria was a holy Revolution launched against the dictatorship. This revolution was a revolution of freedom, a revolution of self-preservation. But when the peaceful process was changed to the armed process, there were some changes here. Not only after 2011 revolution, we have been in opposition to the regime since the day Assad came to power. Assad has badly violated the rights of Kurds in Syria. Therefore, our opposition to the regime consists of two phases: The first is because we are Kurds, and the second is because we are a people from Syria. We believed that there should be democracy and human rights in this country. We believed that every Syrian should have his own rights. For these reasons, we were in opposition to the Syrian regime from the beginning. With the beginning of this process of revolution, we took our place in the process. Assad sent us a plane and asked to meet with him and stated his intention to hand over the Kurdish areas to us. We told him that our struggle is not just for the Kurdish region but for the whole of Syria. We saw ourselves as part of the freedom revolution. Since we did not respond positively to Assad East's call, Assad called the YPG/PKK. The YPG did not have much public support at the time. An agreement was signed after a meeting between the two sides. As a result of the agreement, Kurdish areas were given to the YPG/PKK by the regime.

"PKK / YPG cooperated with everyone except the Kurds"

Noting that the PKK/YPG cooperated with all segments and made agreements with them, but did not cooperate with Kurdish formations such as ENKS, Muslim said:" There's something I want to say here. The YPG was in contact with everyone in that area and signed an agreement with them. But they didn't just sign an agreement with the Kurds, he didn't sign an agreement with us, that is, with ENKS. If we were in that administration today, our young people would be defending these regions. Even our Peshmerga would defend these regions. If we were there, both militarily and politically, the situation would be different today. But they didn't accept our existence because of the ‘Don't accept what's not from you" mentality. The YPG agreed with everyone. But he refused to make a deal with us, he shunned us. The YPG agreed with everyone. But they refused to make a deal with us, he shunned us. The YPG was not doing a number of calculations and plans in the military area on ENKS and didn't want anything from us. Because according to them, if ENKS and Peshmerga were to emerge, the people would support them, that is, ENKS and Peshmerga, and they would become even more powerful. So the YPG had a thought. According to them, if ten thousand Peshmerga had been in the Kurdish regions, hundreds of thousands of people would have stood by them, and that would have meant the end of the YPG in the region. For these reasons, the YPG did not accept ENSK and Peshmerga. If they had not done so that day, they would not have been under this burden today. Wrong beginnings lead to wrong results. If they had taken the right step in the beginning, then the outcome would have been good. But a false start led to a false conclusion.

Warning that the people in the east of the Euphrates are having a hard time and should not be made refugees and migrants, he said:" I also have another request and call for the Kurds. Let them not leave their own places, their own regions, stay in their homes so that the demographic structure does not change. Let the international powers that claim that they are protecting human rights also take care of this people, the Kurdish People and the people of Syrian Kurdistan. These people have suffered a lot. don't let these people get hurt any more. (ILKHA)

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