Following the announcement of the NSC [National Security Council] convened under President Erdoğan's presidency, there was no mention of the prolongation of the state of emergency, but the anti-Turkiye and anti-Islamic attitudes of European countries were noted.

The regular meeting of the National Security Council was convened in the Presidency Complex under the chairmanship of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. After the meeting, the MKG report was announced.

In the statement, emphasized that the fight against terrorism will continue with determination and it has been stated that anti-Islamic racism activities and attitudes and behaviors contrary to the rules of international law and diplomatic practices exhibited in some European countries against Turkish politicians and statesmen have been evaluated.

“The use of PKK / PYD-YPG will cause new problems in the region”

“Operation carried out with the aim of ensuring the border security of our country, the Daesh terrorist organization to prevent threats and attacks against our country, allowing displaced Syrian brothers to return to their countries, and maintaining their peaceful and safe lives in the Euphrates Shield Operation area has been accomplished successfully,” stated in the text.  Also recorded that the use of elements of terrorist organization PKK / PYD-YPG in fighting with Daesh terrorist organization in Syria and Iraq will not contribute to the establishment of peace and security atmosphere in the region but will cause new problems to arise in middle and long term.

“The real owners should be placed in territories free from terrorism, in Syria”

It was emphasized in the statement: “The fact that Turkiye, which has been effectively fighting terrorist organizations with all the terrorist organizations in the region, the giving support to terrorists by our allies that they are providing money, weapons and military material will undermine our friendly relations. In order to eliminate the victims of civil war in Syria it has been emphasized that the establishment of the real owners of these areas in the territories free from terrorism in order to resolve the need for humanitarian aid is essential for the establishment of an environment of peace and security. For the establishment of peace and rest as soon as possible, it has stated that the peace process which is continuing between the parties concerned with Syria is supported at the highest level. In this context, it was emphasized that the obstruction of the terrorist organizations and the foci that use them in conflict, competition and chaos on the religious, sectarian and ethnic basis of the region is vital for our country and humanity.” (Fırat Arslan- ILKHA)

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