The number of families staged a sit-in protest outside HDP office in Diyarbakır is increasing day by day, demanding their children back.

Families staged a sit-in protest outside HDP [People's Democratic Party] office in Diyarbakır to demand their children back while the number of gathered families is growing.

Ödümlü and Aylu families also joined other families in the sit-in protest outside HDP provincial office in Diyarbakır, a southeastern province of Turkey.

Latife Ödümlü, a mother who came from Ordu, a city of Turkey in black sea region, participated in the families' sit-in protest, said her 22-year-old son Özgür Ödumlü, who was studying chemistry at Dicle University in Diyarbakır, was kidnapped to the mountains about 10 months ago.

"They took my child to northern Iraq"

The Ödümlü family expressed that they have seen the action in TV and participated in from Ordu.

"My child was studying at Dicle University. I spoke to my son during the day before he was kidnapped, but when I called him in the evening, he didn’t answer," said painful mother Latife Ödümlü.

Saying that she has twice been the provincial office of the HDP for her child, mother Latife Ödümlü told them that they took her child but the HDP members denied it.

"But they took him. I also saw the driver who took my child. They took my child to northern Iraq. My family and I went to northern Iraq 3 times. We went door to door there, but we couldn't find our child. I've been everywhere for 10 months and I couldn’t find him," mother said.

Diyarbakır resident father Salih Aylu, whose son Mehmet Aylu was kidnapped to the rural area controls by the PKK, said he had repeatedly gone to the HDP office in Diyarbakır, demanded his kidnapped son to be sent back, but did not get any results.

Father Aylu, expressed his support for the families who initiated the action outside HDP office in Diyarbakır, said his only wish is to reunite with his child.

"I don't want my son to be a terrorist"

His child was kidnapped to be recruited by the PKK 6 months ago when he was 20 years old, said father Aylu.

"I contacted the HDP, they told me they are a political party, and they do not deal with this sort of thing. I don't want my son to be a terrorist," father Aylu said. (ILKHA)

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