The persecution and massacres of the occupation regime would end if Muslims were united said non-governmental organizations in Sanliurfa, cursing the massacre of a Palestinian woman by occupying gangs.

People continue cursing the occupying zionists over the brutal slaughter of a civilian, innocent Palestinian woman at the Kalandiya checkpoint between Jerusalem and Ramallah.

Representatives of NGOs in Sanliurfa, a southeastern province of Turkey, cursed atrocities committed by the occupying gangs, urging Muslims to unite.

Representatives of the NGO stated that if Muslims were united, the persecution and massacres of the occupation regime would end and that the occupation regime does not understand any negations but power.

IHH Sanliurfa Representative Behçet Atila stated that the persecution of zionists should be responded with legitimate means.

The Palestinian territories have been occupied for nearly 100 years. Unfortunately, our Palestinian brothers have not been in peace since the invading forces established the state of terror in 1948.

Stating that there are few or no examples of persecution in the history of the world that the Palestinian have been exposed, Behçet Atilla noted that the incident that a Palestinian civilian woman was martyred in the occupied territories may be the place where the word ends.

Raid Salah, may Allah be pleased with him, described the previous day's incident, 'lying on the ground is not the Palestinian woman, but the honor and dignity of the Islamic Ummah approaching 2 billion'.

Atilla continued that the fact that the Ummah still does not respond, that it sees this situation as normal and that it sees this persecution as normal is unacceptable. "It is a situation where the honor, and dignity of the Ummah have been dragged on the floor."

"These atrocities, massacres, and captives will continue until there is unity, the togetherness of the Ummah"

Osman Gerem, President of the Sanliurfa Humanitarian Aid Platform, began his remarks by strongly condemning the persecution carried out by the occupation regime.

Massacring an innocent woman while walking on her own is the disgrace of humanity, said Osman Gerem, noting that the Zionist occupying gangs always commit that kind of massacres.

Why? Because we are not in unity.  The slaughter of a lady, while an innocent civilian is walking on her own, is a disgrace to humanity. Yet the Zionist occupying gangs understands power. They wouldn’t dare to commit that kind of cruelties if there was the fear of unity of Muslims.

Gerem underlined that that kind of atrocities, massacres, and captivity will continue until there is unity, the togetherness of the Ummah.

At the end of his words, Gerem noted that Muslims suffer not only in Palestine but in Arakan, in Yemen and almost in all parts of the Islamic geography.

When we correct our direction, come together under the law of unity, togetherness, and brotherhood, then these atrocities will end.

Muhammed Maşuk Özyaramış, head of the Anatolian Youth Association Sanliurfa branch, stated that the resistance of Muslims to the persecution of zionists is passed through the Islamic Union.

Journalist writer Mehmet Emin Kuş said that the whole world remained silent about the persecution of the occupation regime.

"The descendants of the israelites established the terror state, which they continue terrorization and is constantly shedding Muslim blood. Unfortunately, all the world's states are watching this," he said.

"Even the Barbarian British state continues to support massacres openly. Israel, which is a terrorist state, systematically persecutes the Palestinian people, while the Palestinians are the true owner of those lands.

Journalist writer Mehmet Emin Kuş, lastly said the occupying zionist terror state slaughtering children, women and old people, and continues to increase its atrocities with the power it receives from other states. (ILKHA)

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