After the 13th trial of Yasin Börü and his friends' murder suspects, Murat Sadak said that only the bit-players of the file are wanted to be punished.

The 13th session of the case Yasin Börü, Hüseyin Dakak, Riyad Güneş and Hasan Gökgöz, who were slaughtered by the PKK / HDP members on the streets will the call of HDP president Selahaddin Demirtaş on October 6-7, 2014, where murder suspects are on trial has seen today.

The trial was seen in Ankara 2nd Heavy Penal Court where 19 arrested suspects, totally 41 suspects are in the trial. Victim families, attorneys, representatives of political parties, representatives of journalists and non-governmental organizations attended to the case.

9 defendant’s lawyers and some of defendants who had been tried pending did not attend as an excuse. In in the hearing where the dictum has been read, the presiding judge stating that the justice is not justice but persecution if it is delayed and wanted that the defendant's participation should attend to the next hearing unexcused and adjourned the next hearing on Wednesday March 22.

Lawyers who followed the case made a press release after the hearing. Murat Sadak, speaking on behalf of lawyers, described Yasin Börü and his friends as being "slaughter of the century". Sadak said that the decision to be seen on 22 March could be "a decision-only bit-players are wanted to be punished."

Sadak said that they had demanded that the responsibility of the massacre be brought before the judiciary from the beginning, "We have been saying from the beginning that responsible for this massacre from A to Z should be brought in front of the judge and we stood for that. We demanded that all of them be brought to justice and we stand behind them. Unfortunately, we see it; only the bit-players are being punished. There may be a decision for the pit-players on March 22, but our justice will not come to an end and will continue. Whoever is responsible for this incident will be followed to be punished. Against the argument need to be present at the final statement of ours and, if necessary, the accused parties. We believe in all the facts of all the defendants, except the 3 defendants who are detained in the file, and we will demand that they be punished. The decision will be made as long as there is no setback on March 22. After the decision is made, the legal roads will be passed in stages. The first stage will be the appeal phase, then the Supreme Court stage. We will all be follower of the event." (ILKHA)  

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