Speaking in the gregariously ground breaking ceremony Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, showed strong reaction to Demirtas’ talk to a media institution in Germany.

Prime Minister Binali Yildirim came to Diyarbakir in order to introduce “East and Southeast Investment Support Moves” program, had a speech in the gregarious ground breaking ceremony coordinated in front of Diyarbakir governorship.

Reacted to the last statement of HDP co-chair Selahaddin Demirtas on the agenda, Binali Yildirim emphasized that PKK is the problem of Kurdish people.

The great supporter of PKK is FETO

Yildirim has emphasized the union of public who stand against the coup attempt of 15 July, “You have showed to the world one more time what does it mean to be brother, to be one, to be together from Diyarbakir. You have said ‘we won’t let Turkiye to be divided and we are one and together against coup, PKK and ISIL’. FETO supposed that they will destroy social peace and brotherhood. They have infiltrated like a germ throughout the military, law enforcement, and bureaucracy. Now we see the big enemy of our brotherhood, unity and togetherness is PKK, is FETO. The biggest supporter of PKK is FETO. Both are targeting the brotherhood of Turk and Kurt, take place for an armed fight. I thank to our people who continued the brotherhood of Kurd-Turk with the bond of hearts and destroy their flagrant collaboration. Be sure that we will never let those betrayers to break country’s peace, break the union of public.” expressions he used.

Kurds have PKK problem

Yildirim, “We have introduced investment support program today. We will open new factories, new work places. We will invest 62 billion in 4 years in the region but we have to root up of this terror organization. First we have to do this. Investors come but their factories and heavy equipments are burned, then they leave. Who loses? Diyarbakir, Mardin, Siirt, Hakkari, Sirnak, Bingol, Bitlis, Van, Kars lose. My Kurd, Turk, Arab brothers lose. Separatist terror organization PKK says ‘we fight for the Kurd’s problems’. Look, there is not a Kurds problem for PKK. What is the problem? Kurds have PKK problem. We will solve this problem in cooperation. There is no another way. We will never let this flagrant organization to dim our future” he said. (ILKHA)

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