Addressing the public at the election rally held by Batman Independent MP Candidate Aydin Gök, President of HUDA PAR Mehmet Yavuz, emphasized that the state should face mistakes.

HUDA PAR Chairman Mehmet Yavuz addressed people in the election rally organized by Batman Independent MP Candidate Doctor Aydın Gök.

Yavuz, who was in important statements about the agenda in the election rally held in front of the City Stadium on May 16, was about the Kurdish issue, family law, education, agriculture and economic troubles.

Once again I salute you with the salutation of Allah. We extend our fraternity hand. This hand is the hand of Melayê Cezîrî, Melayê Bateyî and the hand of Sheikh Said. It is a happiness center that brings society to both the world and the hereafter. We say 'first human priority justice'. Love, compassion, universe, religion, and state are for man. We have extended this fraternity hand. When this fraternity hit the top, as the ummah, we have signed the victories as the nation Abraham [Ibrahim]. When brotherhood broke apart and separated from each other, we were weak. Unfortunately, those who wanted to destroy us, who wanted to drown us in a spoonful of water, captured us. The Kurdish issue is not a simple matter. Is Iraq now occupied by the dajjal [antichrist] of the earth, has Syria occupied? Does it want to invade Iran and Turkiye to break up? Yes, we all see together. Yes, it is in front of our eyes. What is the reason for this? O Iraqi state, O Syrian government, O Iranian government, O Turkiye, the demons of the earth will invade you if you don’t solve this issue. But if you give in the rights of Kurdish in fairness, the rights of the oppressed nations as it is God gave to them, nor the America or zionists won't be able to extend their dirty hands.

"Face the mistakes of the state"

Yavuz, who asked for the support for Independent MP Candidate Aydin Gök, continued to speak:

"We say to the state; face to your mistakes. Stop racism, stop insisting on nationalism. Racism and nationalism cannot be sheltered in these lands. We have to return to Islam, which is the truth of these lands. As HUDA PAR, the law we want to be in the new constitution is; none of the law should be against this nation's belief. There shouldn’t be such law in the Constitution. Because Allah created tribes and languages as a verse [Ayah]. If you do not like our tribe and our language, it means that you do not like what Allah created. Our exit point, our philosophy is based on this truth." (ILKHA)

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