Complainant attorneys of Yasin Börü’s case, pointed out that although the 9th trial has been held, the collection of evidences hasn’t been done seriously.

The 9th trial where the murder suspects of Yasin Börü, Hüseyin Dakak, Riyad Güneş and Hasan Gökgöz who were slaughtered by PKK / HDP supporters on the streets following the call of HDP Co-Chairman Selahattin Demirtaş, was seen yesterday at Ankara Courthouse 2nd Heavy Penal Court.

The trial started at 10.00, one of the defendant Mecnun Akkoyun tried to provoke the trial. Akkoyun, "Today, pressures are on our party and co-presidents are arrested. I do not recognize the court." said in the court which he was taken out by the order of court president.

While the defendants in Bolu and Tekirdag prisons were brought to the trial, the defendants in Karaman Prison and the defendants in Diyarbakır were defended with SEGBIS system.

It was observed that nearly 50 attorneys from various provinces participated in the trial to represent families of Yasin Börü and his friends.

After the hearing was postponed to December 5, 2016, Necip Kibar, the attorney of complainants pointed out that there was not serious evidence gathered yet on this 9th court.

After the hearing, attorneys of the complainants held a press statement in front of Ankara Courthouse gave information about the case process. Attorney Necip Kibar who made the press statement on behalf of the lawyers said that on October 6-8 in Diyarbakir, deplorable events have happened with the call of HDP Co-Chairs and DBP officials that goad people with spurs.

We still see evidences not gathered seriously

Describing the case that held today, Kibar said, “We can see that there is not serious evidence yet in this court, which is being held in the 9th. It is clear that evidences in the file that are not collected during the incident.”

Kibar emphasized that in the October 6-8 attacks, the police officers, the authorities and prosecutors, clearly revealed in the file that they did not carry out a serious investigation on evidences, and continued as, "We all know that this case which is currently 41 accusations are under trial, has a lot more suspicious. People were murdered, martyrs, but now there are 41 people on trial."

Kibar, continued: "With those who encouraged the event, those who carried the incident and called the rebellion, along with the police officers, the prosecution and all the civilian administrations are guilty of not registering a milestone in the filing of the file until this time and guilty about the evidences which are not been collected so far. And we think that they need to be investigated so they can be punished with the punishment they deserve."

Kibar remarked that they will follow the cases of arrested HDP Co-Chairs’ cases and added, "We will also be followers of co-presidents and other detainees’ cases who have been arrested and imprisoned for the events of October 6-8. I hope that in the case of real criminals, police officers, prosecutors, authorities show the necessary sincerity and I hope that the disruptions in the court that occurred in the 9th arrest today will not occur in those files."

The hearing adjourned to December 5

Kibar, finally added his words that the trial was adjourned to December 5, thanked to participants and remarked that they are expecting attention from all segments to the case and their relevance. (ILKHA)

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