Free Cause Party (HÜDA PAR) called on the Syrian regime and Russia to stop their offensive in the Idlib de-escalation zone in northern Syria.

Slamming the Syrian regime and Russia for attacking civilians in Idlib, which was declared a "De-escalation Zone" at the Astana meeting held in 2017, HÜDA PAR said: “A total of 61 civilians, 33 of them children and 12 women, were killed in the attacks carried out by the Baath regime and its ally Russia in the Jabal Zawiya region south of Idlib within 3 months. The Syrian civil war, which has entered its 11th year, has claimed more than half a million lives. At least 6 million Syrians have been forced to leave their homeland and become refugees.”

HÜDA PAR went on to say:” It is obvious that military aggression and armed struggle have deepened the chaos rather than ending the civil war. In this respect, the attacks should be halted immediately, a ceasefire should be declared, and negotiations should be started on the way to a political solution. The countries of the region should put the welfare and security of the Syrian people before their own political interests and force the parties to negotiate by ending their military support.”

Lafarge scandal in France

With regard to the documents unveiling the world's largest cement producer Lafarge’s commercial relations with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) within the knowledge of the French state, HÜDA PAR said: “With these documents, the true face of Europe, which spilled blood in Islamic countries, strengthened fascism in the West, and implemented state terror against Muslims with the pretext of 'fighting' against ISIL, was revealed once again. The West, whose relations with ISIL have been exposed, declares the resistance movements that defend themselves against the invaders in their own territory as a ‘terrorist organization’.”

“At the same time, they aim to end support for legitimate resistance movements through various 'international agreements', stigmatizing states that defy the imposition as 'supporters of terrorism' and threatening them with sanctions,” HÜDA PAR underlined, adding:

“It is time for the Islamic world to stand up against France and other imperialist powers, who are violating even the international conventions and engaging in illegitimate activities. The relations between France and ISIL have exposed the dirty tricks of the West in the Islamic world. Against this mess of dirty relations, the Islamic world should come together by putting aside the conflicts, and fight together against the occupation and plunder under the name of ‘export of democracy and civilization’.” (ILKHA)

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