HÜDA PAR Chairman Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu condemned PKK’s attack on Peshmerga forces, stating that PKK’s struggle is not for the benefits of the Kurdish people

Speaking to Kurdistan 24 TV channel, Yapıcıoğlu made important statements on the recent PKK’s attack against Peshmerga forces.

“We condemn the PKK’s attack that killed five Peshmerga forces and injured four others,” Yapıcıoğlu said, adding: “Peace and security have been under threat wherever the PKK has shown up since its emergence. In addition, the PKK has given the regional states an excuse to carry out operations with its actions in places where it has shown up.”

“Wherever the PKK has gained power, it has driven out its opponents. He aims to do this in the Kurdistan Region right now, as he did in Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan),” Yapıcıoğlu underlined.

Accusing PKK of ending the solution process, a peace process which aimed to resolve the Turkey-PKK conflict, Yapıcıoğlu said:” As HÜDA PAR, we said that Kurdish issue could not be solved through the ways and methods the sides had determined. At that time, we had some doubts about PKK. Because they never keep their promise. One of the conditions discussed in the solution process was that the PKK would lay down arms and their armed forces would leave the country so that the conflicts would stop, then, the Kurdish issue would be resolved by political means and methods. But despite the fact that the HDP won 103 municipalities and 80 seats in parliament in the elections, the PKK again preferred armed struggle, so the solution process ended. For me, the main intention of the Turkish government was to stop these conflicts. But because the PKK did not lay down arms, the settlement process broke down.”

Yapıcıoğlu noted that the problems between PKK and KDP could only be solved if PKK members left the region.

“Those who have political aims and interests in Kurdistan and the Middle East use the PKK. The PKK has a very fragmented structure and has no will of its own. Ankara has control of some of them, Tehran has control of some of them, and European states have control of some of them. Sometimes PKK moves closer to Russia, sometimes to America, and sometimes to Iran. Whichever party gains power or takes initiative in the region, the PKK's course of action changes accordingly,” Yapıcıoğlu concluded. (ILKHA)

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