Egyptian junta executed nine the young Muslim Brotherhood members on Wednesday, who were sentenced to death allegedly responsible for the bomb attack on top prosecutor Hisham Barakat, at the Istinaf Prison in Cairo.

Ahmed Taha, the son of Muhammad Taha Wahdan, a member of the Guidance Office of Muslim Brotherhood, was among the executions, while Ahmed Taha was the first person to be executed said Egyptian media organizations.

The names of the young people executed are as follows;

Ahmed Taha, Ebul Kasim Ahmed, Ahmed Jamal Hijazi, Mahmud al-Ahmadi, Abu Bakr al-Sayyid, Abdurrahman Suleiman, Ahmed Muhammad, Ahmed Mahrus Sayyid, and Islam Muhammad.

Amnesty International asked on Tuesday that the Egyptian authorities halt the execution of those 9 people.

In a statement on Wednesday, Amnesty International said the execution of nine Ikhwan members is a monumental disgrace, which underlined they have executed after an unfair trial.

"By carrying out the executions of these nine men today Egypt has demonstrated an absolute disregard for the right to life," said Najia Bounaim, Amnesty International's North Africa Campaigns Director.

Bounaim stated that executing men who were convicted in trials marred by torture allegations is not justice but a testament to the magnitude of injustice in the country.

The Egyptian Supreme Court approved the death penalty in November 2018 for nine defendants who were tried in the assassination case of chief prosecutor Hisham Barakat in 2015.

The defendants rejected the charges against them during the trial and stated that their statements were taken under torture. (Ramazan Casuk - ILKHA)

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