At least 11 people lost their lives and 35 other people were injured due to flash floods in the city of Shiraz in the southwest of Iran.

After the floods in the northern provinces of Iran, floods occurred due to heavy rainfall in the southern and southwestern regions of the country. At least 11 people were reported to be dead in Shiraz due to flooding.

After the heavy rain in Shiraz, the flood was effective. More than 200 parked vehicles were damaged due to flooding in the main entrance of the city of Shiraz.

Iran’s Emergency Medical Services Director Pir Hossein Koulivand said 11 people were killed and 45 others injured in Monday’s flooding in the city.

He added that 30 of those injured have been hospitalized and the rest were released after treatment.

Emergency and rescue organizations are on full alert in different provinces of Iran as heavy rain is predicted to continue to fall in much of the country, especially in the western and southern regions, until Tuesday.

Last week, heavy rainfall hit northern provinces of Mazandaran and Golestan. Rivers and other streams overflow their banks as a result, in turn, flooding cities, towns, villages, and farming communities. Two dams also overflew in Golestan.

Over 56,000 people have been affected in at least 70 villages in Golestan and more than 200 in Mazandaran.

While the flood-related problems in the northern province of Golestan continued, meteorology asked the public to avoid unnecessary travel in mountainous regions, due to the danger of landslides. (ILKHA)

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