of Commons approves law to delay Brexit

The House of Commons in the UK has approved a bill mandating that the government postpone the Brexit date if it fails to reach a Brexit deal with the European Union (EU).

A bill introduced in the UK to prevent a no-deal Brexit has been passed in the House of Commons. The bill, which was passed by a vote of 327 against 299, also needs to be approved in the House of Lords to become law.

If no Brexit deal can be reached with the EU by October 19, or if Parliament cannot get approval for no-deal separation, the government will have to ask the EU for a 3-month delay.

Johnson, who suffered two defeats in two days in parliament, said the bill formally ended negotiations with the EU.

Johnson added the election should be held on October 15.

However, the British parliament did not accept the offer of early elections. The vote of two-thirds of members in the 650-member parliament could not be reached. (ILKHA)

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