Jordan has announced that it will not allow zionists and settlers to enter its lands of Baqoura and Ghamr as of Sunday after its agreement with zionist gangs on leasing those areas expired.

In its peace treaty with zionist gangs, Jordan agreed to lease the lands to zionists for a 25-year renewable period, with the Hashemite kingdom retaining sovereignty, but this lease ends on Sunday, November 10, and Jordan already decided not to renew it.

Opinion polls have repeatedly found that the peace treaty with zionist gangs is overwhelmingly opposed by Jordanians, more than half of them are of Palestinian origin.

This development has taken place following a series of events. In 2017, a zionist gangs' embassy security guard in Amman killed two Jordanians and later terrorist Benjamin Netanyahu received and honored the guard.

Three years earlier, a zionist soldier at a border crossing killed a Jordanian judge, with no reason.

Just last month, Amman recalled its ambassador from occupied lands over the prolonged detention without trial of two Jordanians.

They were freed and returned to Jordan on Wednesday and terrorist Netanyahu's office said the Jordanian ambassador would return shortly.

Earlier, terrorist Netanyahu's national security advisor, Meir Ben-Shabbat, had met last Monday in Amman with Jordanian foreign minister Ayman Safadi who told him there would be no extension to the Baqoura and Ghamr leases.

Safadi said during his meeting with the zionist official that compensation would be paid to the zionist farmers for crops remaining in the areas following the handover. (ILKHA)

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