An Initiative represents the people who had experienced deep sufferings living in Sur district paid a visit to HUDA PAR Diyarbakır Head Office to express their grievances due to ongoing conflicts in the district.

Initiative of Residents of Sur where a curfew still continues, has been visiting political parties to share their grievances.

A crowded delegation from the initiative visited HUDAPAR head office of Diyarbakır to reach out their voice to public. Indicating they want to be the voice of Sur residents to find a solution to their problems, the initiative said that they want to create an agenda across the country.

Greeting by head of Diyarbakır HUDA PAR provincial office, Şeyhmus Tanrıkulu, vice chairman of Sur office Mahmut Akgül and other members, the representatives of the residents told them about their sufferings they have been through for months. They also requested from HUDA PAR to bring this problem into public agenda

 “We thank for your general and special supports”

Speaking on behalf of the initiative Süleyman Sayın said they take HUDA PAR’s efforts for not leaving people alone from the beginning of the conflicts kindly, and they wanted to thank HUDA PAR for their support.

Sayın said: “you have never left alone since the conflicts broke out. We appreciate your supports. We thank you for your general and special helps and we expect for the continuation of your support. There is no one in this group can say that we don’t have HUDA PAR’s blanket or food at our houses. May Allah bless you all. But we have to add this that we haven’t had enough support from government. If the government had been able to intervene in this problem on time, the events wouldn’t have reached at this level. We are living in Sur district. Our answer to those who want us to leave Sur is ‘Sur is a kind of sea for us and we are the fish of this sea’.

“Insisting on the conflicts doesn’t reap anything for people”

Stating that carrying the conflicts into residential areas is one of the greatest mistakes of PKK, Tanrıkulu also said the government is to blame for remaining silent to PKK’s storing up weapons into cities during the solution process.

Tanrıkulu said: “we said about the things now going on two years ago. Despite all our calls government turned a blind eye to our calls. As a result, our people are having deep grievances due to conflicts and long term curfews. Insisting on the conflicts doesn’t bring anything to people. People have left the places where self-governorate declared.  So this isn’t a demand of people. People had to leave their houses because of bombs planted in front of their houses and barricades built up in the alleys. Those who claim that they do these things for people must turn regard people’s demands. These people also want peace and dialogue and solution.”

“We try to produce solution proposals”

Indicating they try to talk about people sufferings at every platform, Tanrıkulu said they have always emphasized the people’s affair must be considered primarily and added: “we have always reflected people’s grievances. We have said this to official authorities and we still telling them. By visiting NGOs often, we try to produce solution proposals to redress people’s grievances. We have done this and we will do this till we find a solution.” (ILKHA) 

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