than two thousand waste disposal and recovery facilities in operation in Turkey

It is determined that a total of 2 223 facilities were in operation in 2018, the Turkish Statistical Authority (TurkStat) said in a statement on Monday.

"Amount of waste disposed of in controlled landfill sites was 56 million tons. 56 million tons of waste, of which 17 million tons was hazardous, was disposed of in 159 controlled landfill sites having a total capacity of 799 million m3," the statement said.

The statement added that 494 thousand tons of waste, of which 65 thousand tons was hazardous and 429 thousand tons was non-hazardous, was disposed of in 7 incineration plants having a total capacity of 757 thousand tons/year. 

Amount of waste recovered in recovery facilities was 48 million tons

According to the statement, in 8 composting plants having a total capacity of 483 thousand tons/year, 138 thousand tons of waste was processed and 35 thousand tons of compost was produced and  in 40 co-incineration plants having waste recovery licenses, 1 million tons of waste was incinerated with energy recovery. (ILKHA)

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