In Adıyaman, an eastern province of Turkiye, young children attending the programs launched under the slogan of "Let's Children go to the Mosque", are performing the prayers at the mosque.

Children in Adıyaman performing their prayers 5 times at the mosques the scope of "Let's children go to the mosque, pray at the mosque, collect the points, grab your reward," program launched by Province Mufti.

Children who perform prayer 5 times a day in the mosque are rewarded by gifts while intense participation takes place during the Morning Prayer. Children, who receive a variety of gifts, stressed that the biggest reward is what to be close to Allah.

Speaking on the issue at the event organized in the morning prayer, Imam Turan Tasçı wished this kind of organization to be carried out years ago. "Our children are the assurance of our future. Especially when we see our young children in the morning prayers, we are both affected and happy."

Stating that children will flock to the mosque in the future, and that mosque has become more cheerful with the children, Imam Taşçı added: "From now on, hopefully, we will have seen our young people in our mosques."

"Proud of children praying in the mosque"

Expressing that they feel very happy and proud to see children praying in the mosque, Emir Sultan Mosque Association President Mustafa Çalış noted that the decision of the Directorate of Religious Affairs is a very accurate decision.

There is an intense crowd during the morning prayer and we feel proud. We feel happy for the next generation. It makes us happy to see our young generation attend to prayers at the mosque," he added.

"Children do not annoy us; on the contrary, they make us happy"

Coming to the mosque for morning prayer together with children, 60-year-old Mehmet Çelik, a member of mosque community, pointed out to those mad at children at the mosque, "Children do not annoy us; on the contrary, they make us happy. The attendance of our young generation to the mosque makes us happy."

Another mosque community Abdurrahman Gül said: "We are very proud of this situation that out next generation, our children attend to mosques. I wish Allah be pleased with those launched this program."

"We are not here for the reward, but for Allah."

Children who started to pray five times in the mosque after receiving their interim reports stated that it was more important for them to gain the consent of Allah.

Kasım Emre Han, one of the children who made his prayers at the mosque, "We come to the mosque and the teachers sometimes give us chocolate. We collect points when we perform prayers. Our teachers give points when we read Surah we memorized. I am very happy to be here."

Another child Muhammad Kasar said he comes to the mosque and collect points. "We win prizes with the points we collect. Not just to win the prize, but we come here for Allah. We are learning science and memorizing Surahs. We perform five-time prayers in the mosque." (Cemil Özdaş - ILKHA)

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