5 families from Iran joined the families who took part in the sit-in protest on the grounds that their children were deceptively kidnapped by HDP and sent to the rural areas controlled by the PKK.

The families who are staging a sit-in protest outside HDP office in Diyarbakır, Turkey, received contributions from abroad.

The number of families has risen to 35 on early Monday with the participation of one more family.

Families, many come from the poorer part of Kurdish society, staged a sit-in protest outside HDP office in Diyarbakır, accusing HDP deceptively kidnapped their children on various dates to be recruited by the PKK.

The families who took part in the sit-in protest were also joined by 5 other families from Iran on Monday afternoon.

Iranian families, who have not heard from their children on different dates, joined families in a sit-in protest in Diyarbakir and called for their children to come back.

With the participation of Iranian families, the number of families staging sit-in protest has increased to 40.

Rustem Abdili, one of Iranian said he had come from the Iranian city of Urumiye to attend the sit-in protest in Diyarbakir, adding that he had not heard from his brother, Umit Abdili, and hoped to be reunited with his brother as soon as possible.

Addressing his brother, Rustem Abdili said: "We have not heard from my brother for 9 years. We saw this action on TV. We came here to make our voices heard. I'm calling my brother from here. Wherever you are, come. We're waiting for you."

"My only aim is to reunite with my son," said another Iranian, Fehim Hakimi, adding that he has not heard from his son Ilyas Hakimi for 5 years.

The families from Iran were accompanied by a delegation from Human Rights Watch in Iranian Kurdistan. (ILKHA)

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