Bingöl Hope Caravan Foundation has shared its activities report for the past six months with public.

The Hope Caravan, which acts with the mission of delivering the humanitarian aid to those who are persecuted or otherwise in need, regardless of their religion, language, race or sect, continues its charitable works in southeastern Turkey.

The foundation, which serves as a bridge between the needy and the rich, continues to extend the hand of brotherhood to the people in need of help in the city.

The charity also delivered food aid to thousands of families during the pandemic and Ramadan.

Mehmet Tamaç, the head of the Hope Caravan’s Bingöl Branch, made a statement, sharing the aid activities that they carried out in the last six months.

“We delivered 59,565 TL worth of aid to the poor families in June. In the period January - June 2020, we distributed a total of 515,000 TL worth of aid to hundreds of families,” Tamaç said.

Bingöl Hope Caravan delivers food aid to hundreds of families over the last six months

“Both poverty and wealth are tests from Allah”

Tamaç continued his remarks as follows: “We are trying to meet the needs of a large number of poor people with our limited sources, and to cure their problems. We would like to call on the philanthropists to support us in our struggle against poverty in a time when we, as humanity, are going through hard times due to coronavirus pandemic. We can get through this period together. We want philanthropists to help those with no job opportunities. Let us help the unemployed, needy and poor around us. We do our best in order to alleviate the economical impacts of coronavirus pandemic on our poor people. But we have limited financial capabilities.” (ILKHA)

Bingöl Hope Caravan delivers food aid to hundreds of families over the last six months

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