2 consecutive explosions occurred at the pro PKK HDP’s election rally at Istasyon Square.

Today at HDP’s election rally, two bombs exploded just opposite the stage consecutively while Diyarbakır Deputy Nursel Aydogan was addressing to people.

It was first announced that the reason of these blasts were because of transformer malfunction after the explosions but soon it was declared that the main reason was unknown. Crush of people and panic started soon after the second explosion two minutes after the first one.

It was reported that a lot of people who were taken to the hospitals immediately with private cars and ambulances were injured at these blasts just before Selahattin Demirtas speech. Eyewitnesses also stated that most of the casualties were hit in their stomachs and legs.

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said in the Gaziantep meeting, it was unclear whether the explosion was an attack or a malfunctioning at the power transformer but we will bring to light in a short time.

Health Minister Mehmet Muezzinoglu told reporters that there were more than 50 casualties and between 20 and 24 people had been hospitalized.

At the same time Batman deputy Ayla Akat Ata said in her twitter account that there were 33 casualties and there was no one in  a serious condition amongst them.

It was reported that crime scene investigation experts came to the square after it was emptied to start the investigation.  (ILKHA)

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