Muş Provincial Muftis Aladdin Bozkurt said that February 14 is a Western culture and celebrated as the day of “valentines”, saying that Muslims should stay away from such celebrations.

Muş Provincial Muftis Aladdin Bozkurt said that February 14, a reflection of capitalist Western cultism, should not be taken seriously in Islamic countries, Muslim societies should stay away from celebrations that cause such moral and cultural degeneration.

Bozkurt said that February 14 is known as the day of valentines in society and he emphasized that such a day has not a place in Islamic culture.

"What the Muslims will refer to is the Qur'an and the Sunnah"

Bozkurt pointed out that the Valentine Day was celebrated for the memory of February 14 that a priest called Valentina and laid claim to adulterous youth, "It is not the day of the beloved, it is the death day of priest who laid claim to adulterous youth. What Muslims will refer to is not the values ​​coming from the West. We shall not interfere with the traditions and customs of Jews and Christians, we shall not compare ourselves to them. Otherwise we shall be with them, may Allah protect us."

Bozkurt said, "For Muslims, every day is love day in Islam, every day is compassion day. To whom we will show love? To our parents, to our partner and to our daughters. There is no valentin day in Islam. Religious days and nights are clear in Islam. Every Friday is a day of love for Muslim, it is a feast day."

Mufti Bozkurt finally found the following remarks: "Let's learn the Qur'an and Sunnah, let's learn Islam, and lets not remain ignorant. Let's take care of our children to take religious education. Let's make efforts for children to learn the Qur'an and Sunnah. If we run after entertainment like valentine day or New Year night, if we keep away from mosques and masjids, if we stay away from the commands of Allah, we will turn the life ourselves into a prison." (ILKHA)

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