Yasin Börü, Hüseyin Dakak, Hasan Gökgöz, Riyad Güneş, and Turan Yavaş, who were murdered by PKK/HDP on October 6-8, 2014 in Diyarbakir, were commemorated with mercy and gratitude upon their graves.

Yasin Börü, Hüseyin Dakak, Hasan Gökgöz, Riyad Güneş, and Turan Yavaş, who were brutally murdered in PKK/HDP attacks on October 6-8, 2014 in the central Bağlar district of Diyarbakir, were remembered by relatives and lovers upon their graves.

Organized by Martyrs Caravan Platform, a program was held upon the graves of the martyrs in Yeniköy Cemetery.

HUDA PAR vice president Vedat Turgut, head of HUDA PAR office in Diyarbakir Osman Aktaş, relatives, friends and many loved ones of the martyrs participated in the commemoration program.

ITTIHAD AL-ULEMA [Union of Scholars] students recited the Qur'an at the beginning of the program.

Following the program, relatives of the martyrs who shared their feelings about the events of the October 6-8 massacre, stated that their suffering is still fresh.

Öztekin Dakak, the father of Shaheed Hüseyin Dakak, stated that the PKK's attacks on 6-8 October were against Islam, against mosques, while reminded that the PKK burned Qur'ans, murdered any bearded people. "Having a bearded one was enough for the PKK to kill."

"It is Allah who will reward those who walk on the path of honor. What could be a servant's court? We await divine justice," said heartbroken father Öztekin Dakak.

"If Allah wills, we will meet our martyrs in the hereafter. Justice in the world was not met. Even after 50 years, our longing for our child will not end," he added.

Turkey has awoken thanks to these martyrs

Melahat Yavaş, the wife of martyr Turan Yavaş, said that she is proud of the martyrdom of her husband and others.

We're not giving up our cause. And our cause is for Allah. Our prayers are with Muslims. May Allah protect them.

Stating that they want justice for the murder of her husband and others, Melahat Yavaş wanted whoever did this cruelty, to be punished. "Turkey has awoken thanks to these martyrs."

"These incidents might not have happened if the police had been ordered to intervene"

Hüseyin Dakak's mother, Zerife Dakak pointed out that the suffering of her for her son Hüseyin would not stop even if half a century passed.

Stating that it was Saladin Demirtas [former HDP co-chair] who called for mobs to slaughter their children, grieving mother Zerife Dakak added that Selahattin Demirtas poured all the thieves, gangs, cannibals, all of them to the streets and slaughtered their children.

"The shooters are captive, but the governor and executives of 2914 are out. If the police had been ordered to intervene, these incidents might not have happened. They need to be investigated and brought to justice. Those are the culprits," she noted.

"The children we fed and raised were eaten by cannibals"

Underlining that the authorities were content to monitor events on that day, mother Dakak said the children they nurtured, the children they raised were eaten by cannibals.

Mother Dakak lastly made a call for the criminals to be caught and brought to justice.

Zemer Güneş, the mother of martyr Riyad Güneş, stated that her son never comes out of her mind.

"We refer to Allah those who slay our children. Justice has never been met. My son was very moral and that is why Allah has given him this level," she added.

Describing his martyr son, mother said her son Riyad was young with young people, children with children. "He would share a piece of bread with his friends, he always helped the poor."

"I am sorry. I'd be so happy if my dad was here. But he's happy where he is now. He is in paradise," said Fatma Yavaş, daughter of martyr Turan Yavaş. (ILKHA)

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