“Qur'an Generation Platform,” issued a message on the 1Mosques and Religious Staff Week,” stated that the mosques are one of the most obvious symbols of the Islamic civilization.

Reminding that since 1986, “mosques week” is celebrated as on October 1 to 7 days in Turkiye, Quran Generation Platform Coordinator Kenan Çaplık, said that people’s interest in mosques and masjids is needed to be increased. Çaplık also stated that mosques are the centers of peace and security together with the communities.

“Mosques are the most obvious symbol of Islamic civilization,” said Çaplık and added: “Islamic societies would take mosques at the center of their settlements and would build their houses. Roads, streets, and neighborhoods would be determined according to the location of mosques, roads and streets were expected to go to the mosque. Social life would be shaped in this way by having the mosque at the center.” (M. Sait Çelik - ILKHA)

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