Mothers and fathers of prisoners who have been detained for their Islamic beliefs and sentiments, are spending Eid with both happiness and sadness.

The families of prisoners who have been detained for their Islamic beliefs and sentiments, have stated that again this year they are spending Eid with sadness. Some families feel the same as their children have been deported to other cities due to their religious beliefs.

The families of the prisoners stated that they congratulate their children’s Eid and that they are always behind them.

Ahmet Suslu was arrested in 1994 due to his Islamic activities. He has been detained for 21 years and has faced several different torture forms. His father Hasan Suslu stated that he is very upset that he will be spending another Eid without his son. Hasan Suslu expressed his feelings to Ilke News Agency stating that his son was detained since 1994 for being susceptible to Islam. He remarked that his son was exposed to several different forms of torture for 40 days and that he has been detained for 21 years now.

“My son was only 17 and he was arrested right after he came out the mosque. He has been detained for 21 years. He was very respectful and he kept up with all his prayers. May Allah show us the day justice is revealed, said Hasan Suslu.”

“I believe that my son is innocent and I want him to be retried.”

 Hasan Suslu, father of Ahmet Suslu who states that his son had given a statement while being tortured for 40 days, says that his son is innocent and wants him to be retried in court to make everything clear.

Suslu states that the people that have been put on trial and punished for years during Ergenekon, Sledgehammer and KCK cases have even been set free. “Why haven’t they freed our son? What crime did he commit? Is it that he performs the salaat (prayers)? Is it that he gives Quran lessons? Or is it that he has a religious personality?” he asked.

Sabri Dayan, father of Mustafa who has been imprisoned for 20 years stated that he has 8 children who go to mosques, madrasah and Quran lessons and that they will continue to attend and be raised in an Islamic way. 

“What offence have they committed other than teaching lessons in the mosque?”

Dayan underlined that they sent the children to mosque themselves. He stated that his son was arrested one night when the police raided their house. Dayan remarked that, regardless of 20 years passing by they still don’t know why their son has been detained in prison.

Dayan remarked that his son has never harmed anyone, “My son was sentenced to death penalty on February, 28. What has he done? What offence have they committed other than teaching lessons in the mosque. How can they sentence someone who teaches in a mosque in a state with 99% of Muslims? I struggle to walk as I am diabetic and because my sons prison is not in Diyarbakir I cannot always go to visit him.”

“I haven’t seen my son for several Eids”

Mehmet Emin Can’s mother Fadime Can stated that his son was arrested and sent to prison 15 years ago for his Islamic activities. For this reason, they will be spending another Eid in the absence of their son.  

Fadime Can underlined that Emin was studying in university at the time when he was arrested, “One day the police came to our door and asked for my son. We were told that he would be set free after an interview. My son was arrested in February 2000. It has been 15 years and we are still waiting for them to bring my son back. His life has been wasted in prison.”

Mother Can stated that she wants the freedom of her son. She also mentioned that she is unable to visit her son as she is blind and has high blood pressure condition.

“His wife’s ill, child is disabled and we are old”

Fadime Can concluded her speech by stating that since his son was arrested he left 3 children behind, “My grandchildren were only aged 2-3 when my son was sentenced to prison. The children are now aged 16-18 and my son is still in prison. My sons wife has been ill since he was arrested and one my grandchild is disabled.”

“He was only a 17-year-old child when he was sent to prison.”

Due to Eid, 75-year-old Yusuf Salur explains that he misses his son Murat. Just like any other father, Yusuf Salur wants his child next to him and stated that he has not seen his son for years and is longing for him.

Father Salur, explained how much he misses his son with these words, “It has been 21 years since I haven’t seen my son, it has been almost 41 Eids. They have separated me from my son. They have exiled my son to Tokat. My son will live another Eid without his father again. We are grieving for our son. My wife and I are ill. We want to go to a regulation and end this oppression, we want the people in the prison to be set free.”

Father Salur wants justice to be served for his son who has been innocently imprisoned for years. “If my son has committed a crime, this means that all Muslims are also committing this crime. If performing the Salaat, reciting the Quran, teaching little children the Quran is a crime, then they should arrest me too. I am also committing these crimes. I am committing these crimes every day. He was only 17 when sent to prison, he was teaching children the Quran and having a life that Allah wanted him to. For this reason, he had been taken from the mosque and placed into prison. My son has been imprisoned for many years for no reason. As to the people who have placed those innocent people, they have no fear of Allah, or any mercy. Those people are deprived of everything.” He said. (ILKHA)

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