The number of families, the majority are mothers, participating in the sit-in protest outside the HDP Diyarbakir office has risen to 35, while families demand their kidnapped children back.

The sit-in protest staged by families accusing the HDP [People's Democratic Party] kidnapped their children to be recruited by the PKK on various dates, continues to increase on its 14th day.

Another mother Vahide Sunar, who participated in the action from Diyarbakir, said his son Ahmet Sunar had been deceptively kidnapped to the rural areas controlled by the PKK 5 years ago.

Saying that her child has been missing since 2014, painful mother Vahide Sunar added that she joined the action after watched families on TV.

I didn't dare first to join the sit-in protest that they [PKK] may hurt my child. But then I thought I will have the same pain if my child remains in the mountains. So I screw up my courage and came here. I don't know if my child is alive or dead.

Vahide Sunar stated that she would not be able to participate in the sit-in because she has a disabled child at home but will join the action as long as she has the opportunity.

"I've been not been heard from my child for 5 years. He went to work in the Dicle District of Diyarbakir and then we haven’t heard from him since," said mother Vahide Sunar.

Grieving mother Vahide Sunar noted she has been looking for her son since the day he was kidnapped. (ILKHA)

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