Mevlit Yurtseven, head of AID, said that the words "first and second parents" are being used in place of the words "mother and father" in France, pointed out that the concept that humanity has formed for thousands of years are ruining.

International Doctors Association [AID], which provides health assistance and health education in many geographies, added Diyarbakır to its organizational efforts in Turkiye.

The opening ceremony of the AID Diyarbakır Representative and Psychosocial Support Center was held at the Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı Cultural Center.

The program, which started with the recitation of Quran, continued with the cinevision presentation in which AID was introduced.

Participating in the program by addressing the participants AID President Dr. Mevlit Yurtseven provided information that the association established in 2011.

Referring to the destruction of countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, and Libya, Yurtseven said: "All of them are in our geography. What are we doing? We are trying to make it as hard as we can, reconstruct the collapsed. Are we strong enough? No, we are not."

"Neither my breaths nor yours are enough to reconstruct a country where 500,000 of its people have been killed and half of the population ruined by internal and external migration but Allah will bless our efforts. That is why we have to make this effort. The important thing is that this destruction never happens again," he said.

"Orphanism is the problem of underdeveloped countries"

Yurtseven said that not only people die in wars, but also women were widows and children were orphaned.

Orphan is a fiqh concept. We are explained by the absence of the father, but an orphan is a social problem. These children are not children whose father died with fate [normal]. They have orphaned children as a result of a war. Orphanism is the problem of underdeveloped countries. There are children who have been neglected in developed countries, they are not experiencing this problem, we are experiencing this problem. How we can prevent this problem, this destruction?
We can only prevent this destruction by developing a common mind. We have to meet, communicate, find a common solution to improve this mind. This is what AID does. Today, if there is a bridge from Istanbul to Diyarbakir, from Diyarbakir to Bolu, from Bolu to Idlib, from Jarabulus, our goal is to develop a common sense in order not to experience this destruction.

"The concepts that humanity has formed for thousands of years are ruining"

Yurtseven, adding that his studies are based on volunteerism. "Because being of a volunteer is the blessing of this work. The principle of fraternity is in front of everything. Not only Muslims but also humanity needs us. It is not just physical destruction. All the ancient values that humanity has formed so far have been ruined."

The danger is not far. Today, a bill will be issued in France. The words of mother and father will no longer be used. They will be called the first parent and the second parent. The concept that humanity has formed for thousands of years are ruining.

"The process, which begins with the rights of women under the name of gender equality, is at our door today to ruin everything. Do not say 'it doesn't affect us'. Because the more ancient values are destroyed, the more humanity will be destroyed." (ILKHA)

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